Hey Everyone! 

To say it’s been awhile would be an understatement. My bestie and I just had our first Craft Fair which showcased our art from Fae Tis Moor last weekend, so we were busy preparing for that. In case you’re wondering, it went extremely well. We received a lot of positive feedback and are applying for another one in a couple of weeks. It feels good to finally be doing something I want to do as opposed to something I have to do. And it is only just the beginning. *Mischievous grin*

I digress.

So while I was at the Craft Fair, I came across another topic I wanted to blog about while baking in the sweltering Florida heat. My wonderful bestie thought it would be smart to put out printed copies of my cover with my publisher’s website on the back just to get the name out there. It sounded like a great idea, but what I failed to prepare for was the inevitable question that comes with asking a complete stranger to keep your novel in mind.

What is it about?


I was instantly tongue-tied as I tried to come up with a quick and interesting way to explain my story and my face burned with embarrassment. Instead of the pretty blurb I wrote while sitting behind my computer in the safety of my home, it came out as a bunch of mumbling, incomprehensible stutters. Not my shining moment. I realized that if I want to be successful, I’d need to get over my fears. *Sigh*

Point is…as you tackle one problem in life, another will always present itself. But rather than fumbling around and giving up because it’s not something you’re good at, take it as an opportunity to grow. Being shy is a problem I deal with day-to-day which can be mistaken for many other characteristics. It’s probably why I chose a profession that allows me to hide behind my imagination. So I refuse to let it hinder my career.

As the weekend wore on my confidence grew as strong as the smiles the customers wore while appreciating our art. I greeted them rather than evading them. I forced myself to try, and came out with a stronger outlook on how to best explain my work. I proved that with a little discomfort and effort, a lesson can be learned and hurdled. *Happy dance*

So with that being said, I leave you with a question. What problem have you had to tackle and how did you do it?

Echelon out ♥