Born in Flames Travels

Hello once again, Readers!!! How goes it!? How has life been treating you? Good? Decent? Fantastic?


Unless of course, life has been mean to you. Then that is not awesome. But any who, my days have been pretty good. I took a pause in editing, From the Embers so I could help edit my bestie’s novel, Casted. It’s going to be good! I am so proud of her and all of her accomplishments. She has been through a lot and is finally on the road she has always dreamed of being on.

But on another note, I wanted to share something fun with you today. My street team has been taking flyers for Born in Flames and posting them up around their hometowns. It’s so freaking awesome to see the many places the cover has gone and it only pumps me up for when Born in Flames will finally be available in print! Hopefully by August!

So with that being said, here are some photos of the flyers:

Bookstore in England

A bookstore in England.


The front of a library.

Bus Stop - England

A bus stop in England.

Newspaper Stand

A newspaper stand.

Calc Nook Book Corner

A Nook book corner.

Frame shop

A frame shop front.

That’s only a handful of places that I have photos of. Awesome right?! I love my street team. They are wonderful, sweet ladies who make me laugh and support my novel. What’s even better is that we all support each other. ♥

Now to leave you with a question: What’s the weather like? It’s rainy here. My favorite kind of weather. Unless I had plans that involved outside…then not so much.

Echelon out ♥


A Street Team Giveaway!!

photo credit: richcianci via photopin cc

Hello once again, Readers!!! Happy turkey week!! I hope you ate enough to feed an army…I sure did. I’m telling you, this sure has been a crazy month. NaNo has been a constant pull at my attention and I am continuously falling behind and catching back up. It’s a crappy cycle to be stuck in.

It’s all of life’s fault.

But if I combine my NaNo project and the word count in From the Embers, I have surpassed the 50k mark. That wasn’t my goal though. I still have time to finish on time…I hope. My current word count is 33k for Starfall. I have high hopes that I will finish in time. I’m not a quitter.

But you didn’t come here just to hear me whine so I digress…

In the spirit of the holiday season (and black Friday craziness), I wanted to do a Street Team giveaway. I currently only have five followers on my FB page for the Street Team. I’m hoping for more because it is a special page just for inside info on the novels and special giveaways.

So if you’re interested in joining and winning a one-of-a-kind necklace, follow the following link and click like: Street Team Little Flames.

Here is the necklace that is up for grabs:

  1. Follow the link and click ‘like’ to become a “Little Flame”.

Easy right? I know… it’s the season to give. The contest will run until I post again and I will notify the winner either through FB or through the blog. I’m hoping to have another post out by next weekend, but you know how that goes. Life happens and the blog suffers for it.

But anyway, I hope to see you there! As soon as my edits are in for Embracing the Flames, I want to share an excerpt on the page. Hope the crowd is bigger than five lol. I have big plans and little time.

Happy Holidays!!!

Echelon out ♥

 P.S. This is what I would look like if I were a dinosaur. Courtesy of Universal lol. Hmmm… ;)

It’s Six Sentence Sunday Folks!

Saw and repinned on Pinterest lol.

Hello once again Readers!!! Don’t you just love that picture? I don’t know how many times I have yelled at my cat to get off the counter. But my cat usually stares me down in a deathly manner, most likely vowing to “accidentally” scratch me the next time he uses me as a sidewalk while I’m laying on my couch. Vindictive kitty. Now every time I see him, I will think of this…:)

Any who, I digress.

It’s another lovely Sunday here in Florida so I figured I’d post six sentences from, Embracing the Flames. My WIP is currently, From the Embers, but I cannot share any of it with you because it would give away too much. Plus, I have some exciting news to share with you concerning, Embracing the Flames !!!!

Now to the sentences.

“What’s written is written and will not be changed. That rule will remain pure. But the unwritten will be given to another. One who will be deemed Saeth’s son’s equal. One right to a wrong.”

“The soul ripped in half…that sounds like an excellent idea,” Arcadia said, clapping his hands in delight.

And scene! I stuck to six sentences…yay! The only thing I don’t like about six sentences is what is shared can be confusing since you’re only taking a snippet of a scene. And this particular bunch of sentences is mid-conversation which is even more confusing to those who haven’t read it or the first, Born in Flames. But, it’s what I wanted to share.

This is from the Prologue for, Embracing the Flames. The two speaking are two of The Fates (Castian and Arcadia). Castian is talking about Zordon, Aurora’s arch-enemy. His Oraculus was in the process of being written on the day of his birth. The other Fates found out that he was sired under unspeakable circumstances (I am holding back because I don’t want to give too much away), and they have decided to stop his Oraculus from being completely written and to rip it in half instead, giving the other half to Aurora who will be one right to a wrong.

Confusing? You have to read to understand my friends! I am so excited about this second installment to the trilogy. I was able to really “spread my wings” and take my characters to a whole new level of fantasy.

But my excitement is even more so because…… was picked up by my publisher!!!!! It’s heading off to the editor to begin the process all over again! I am so excited! Even more so to see the cover art. I am one step closer to finishing the trilogy and beginning an entirely new project.

So that’s all I have to say for now my blogging buddies. If you haven’t yet, check out my street team page I just created. Someone mentioned it to me (and at that time I had no idea what it was), but it’s a fun way to spread the love of your novels. I will be posting a blog shortly on how to set one up and how to create a button for your page. Fun stuff!

Now to leave you with a question: Is there any exciting news happening in your life?

Echelon out ♥