Six Sentence Monday…?

Hello once again Readers!! And welcome new subscribers! The picture to my left would be a painting that I just started working on late last night. Not really sure what will come of it, but that’s the beauty of all things art-the freedom to do as you please.

And yes, that is a Santa Claus mug at the top right of the photo. My bestie bought it for me and since I am more of a red bull kind of girl, I figured I would use it as a pencil holder.

I digress.

So I found this site called Six Sentence Sunday yesterday. It’s a site where you can submit six sentences from your WIP or your published novel, and they will post it on their site (if you make it in time). Now, I know today is Monday, and I probably should have blogged about this yesterday, but I didn’t find the time due to it being family day. Thus, I will blog about it today. :P

I’d love to give six sentences from Born in Flames, but it’s still with my publisher waiting for the last revision, so I am going to hold out on sharing that. Instead, I will share with you six sentences from the second novel to the Trilogy, Embracing the Flames. As some of you may know, I’ve finished the first draft and am currently in my read-thru/editing stage with it. So the sentences I share may not be permanent.

But  here it goes!

For a moment, all I could do was stare at him in total disbelief. The words forming in my mind just couldn’t quite make it to my lips. My head began shaking furiously as I tried to see reason in what he had just said.

“That’s your excuse?” was the best I could formulate.

“Do you have a problem with that?” It wasn’t a question, but more of a threat.

I snickered, my eyes filling with revulsion.

And scene!

This particular blip is an argument between Aurora and Fenn. She just found out something about him that he had been hiding and decided to confront him about it. In return, he became offended because moments before they were interrupted by Lexi, he had tried to tell her the truth. It didn’t help his defense any that he had weeks to tell her and waited until the last minute to try. So it ended up being a case of bad timing.

I chose these particular sentences to share because of the passion and fire behind their emotions. It was their first big argument. And because one of Aurora’s biggest problems is that nobody seems to tell her anything. She is left in the dark the majority of the time due to everyone trying to protect her. And in Fenn’s case, this time, protecting her back-fired.

That’s all folks! What do you think? Intrigued? I hope so!

Now to leave you with a question…if you are a writer, when writing intense scenes such as this,  do you come away affected by them emotionally? If it’s a heated scene, do you feel the anger as you type the words? I know I punch the keys a bit harder when writing an argument.

For readers, did the sentences above spark a feeling of anger and disappointment in you?

Until tomorrow, Echelon out.