Six Sentence Sunday

Hello once again, readers! It’s Sunday so you know what that means…I get to share six sentences from my WIP, Starfall!

Don’t fall out of your chair in excitement or anything. I wouldn’t want you hurting yourself over this.


Before I get to that, I started using Scrivener the other day and so far I am loving it. I am naturally OCD when it comes to organizing, so this software is right up my alley. Does anyone out there use it? What do you think about it? I love that you can add notes to the side and the cork board feature. I can foresee this becoming my best friend. Right now, I have so many notebooks and papers scattered around with all my notes, this keeps it in one place for me! And organized!

Any who…

I probably have less than 20K to write before I finish Starfall and then the real fun will begin. Editing, working on cover art, beta reading, getting all my ducks in a row. I am very excited about this and excited to hear the feedback since this novel is so very different from the trilogy.

Different how?

It doesn’t have dragons in it, for one. It’s a smidgen racier since the characters are a little older. In a nutshell, its about Witches and Hunters who protect the human race from paranormal beings such as my little friend in the six sentences I am about to share with you. All the while, trying to stop the evil Mourdyn from awakening by the hands of a Demon named Bael.

I guess I should start working on the blurb.

Wow, I am really going off topic. Again. Here are the sentences before I keep rambling on:

“Looking for me?”

I spun around and gasped. It was a large, gray wolf-like man with a jagged scar down the center of his face. A Werewolf.

A claw swiped me from the side, throwing me down the rocky hillside. My body slammed into a rock and then I started tumbling, unable to stop the rapid descent. I tried to grab onto anything I could find, but I kept hitting rocks, rolling further and further away from Jaxen and Jezi as the gravel and dirt scraped away at my skin.

Starfall © Candace Knoebel 2013

And scene.

Well, I know it’s not much, but that’s all, folks. Exciting, I know. Have a great, relaxing Sunday!

Echelon out ♥

Six Sentence Sunday

1008732_10200915627406796_2002131542_oHello once again, readers!!! Check out my latest addition. My son named her Bella Sweetheart. If it were up to me, I would name her Bella Chewstoomuch. Two cell phone chargers and a laptop charger now chewed into tiny pieces. o_O

She’s lucky she’s so stinking cute.

Any who, rather than filling your screen with a bunch of nonsense, I am just going to cut to the chase. I have my six sentences to share with you. I have read and reread these sentences until I felt them worthy of your eyes. And judgment.

“Not only do we have Demon’s and their blasted Hellhounds after us, but the cops know. Human eyes have seen what we have been vowed to keep hidden. We have failed,” Jax said, falling into a defeated heap onto the couch.

“At least we unlocked the first seal,” I said gently, trying to lighten his mood as I sat next to him. He grunted and stared out the window, pressing his forehead against the glass.

“Don’t forget Alec,” Gavin pointed out. “He surely knows about this by now. He will have our asses for this.”

“I know,” Jaxen agreed.

In true fashion, I broke the rules. So it’s like eleven or so sentences… I couldn’t just cut through the good stuff and this was where I was at in my work.

Not that it really matters to you.

I digress.

I asked my street team to create a different blurb for any of the two novels they have read of mine. I wanted to share with you what they came up with. It’s always neat to hear someone else’s take on the things you have written.

Here was Kendall’s creation:

Everything is about to change.

Aurora Megalos has a challenge ahead of her that will not only see her fate tested, but her power, her strengths and her weaknesses will all be put to the ultimate test. Aurora is part dragon. She has to fulfill a prophecy before time runs out. The Stone of Immortality is what she needs. Only, her enemy, Zordon wants it as well. One wants it for good. One for evil. Will Aurora be able to reach it or will the enemy finally catch up with her?

With the help of Fenn, her boyfriend, Aurora must learn to control her new powers as the enemy grows closer. Will she be able to control them in time or will it all go up in flames? One thing is for sure: not everyone is going to make it out alive.

Friendships are tested, love is put on the line and a vengeful battle commences in the second installment of the Embracing the Flames Trilogy.

Are you ready to continue Aurora’s epic journey?

It’s great, right? In some ways, I think it explains the point better than my own blurbs for the books.

Here was Joy’s strictly for Embracing the Flames:

Everything had been normal, until now.  Then fate happened.  Aurora had accepted her destiny.  Life was no longer as she knew.  She had to move on and accept what the future held for her.  The her mentor disappears and she is now faced with uncertainty.  She must get up the nerve to leave everything behind.  She must face the challenges ahead matter at what cost in order to fulfill her destiny.

I was thoroughly impressed. These ladies are wonderful.

Any who, now to leave you with a question: Did it rain near you today? It poured here.

Echelon out ♥


Six Sentence Monday

4ec8bb98bb6656a2ba57bc90df7c6c5eHello once again, Readers!!! How was your weekend? Filled with beer, snacks, and raving football fanatics!? Were you happy with the win!? AWESOME!

My weekend consisted of Butter Beer and a heating pad. I somehow managed to hurt my back (probably from the huge arse TV I carried through my house to put in my kids room lol). What can I say? Maybe I should have used my Unicorn to pull it.


I digress.

So as you can tell, I didn’t get around to posting yesterday. I had intended to. I wanted to see how the scavenger hunt was going. And take part in the awesomeness of Six Sentence Sunday. But I’m lazy and broken, so I will post six sentences today instead.

*gasp* I know, I actually followed the rules this time and have only six sentences to share from my latest WIP, From the Embers. Somebody get the calendar out and mark this momentous occasion.

A soft smile spread across her painted lips. “You must understand that fear is a natural feeling when moving towards the unknown. Let this celebration be your rebirth. The old you is back in that fitting room, still undecided on a gown for fear of looking silly. The new you is standing here, in this beautiful gown, breathing confidently and glowing with pride. You are humble and impartial to fear.”

And scene!

This is a moment between Aurora and Masami. Masami is a Geisha from the Orient Magium. She is helping Aurora prepare for a celebration. I can’t really tell you what they are celebrating because it would giveaway too much from Embracing the Flames, but she is giving sage advice to the nervous Progeny.

Now to leave you with a question: Is it cold where you are?

I am freezing here in Florida.

Echelon out ♥