Fourth of July Flash Sale!!

Fourth Sale


Hello once again, readers!!!

You heard right! For THREE DAYS ONLY, Everlasting (Night Watchmen, #1) will be on sale for only 99¢! Be sure to grab your copy now!!

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Teaser Tuesday

Teaser TuesdayHello once again, readers!!!

How is your holiday week so far? Good? Busy? Anyone preparing for Black Friday?

I am entertaining my two year-old and six year-old. And by entertaining I mean being tied up and put in their closet jail. But it’s okay, they left me alongside of plush Buzz and Woody so at least I am in good company. And I am let out when they grow hungry on good behavior from time to time. Help me! Who could ask for more?

Sounds fun right? o_O

Any who, today is teaser Tuesday and since I am now working on approving the copy edits for From the Embers, I figured I would share a teaser from chapter 1.

She was staring at me. “The end of days has begun, or as your old realm is calling it, the war. There is much to catch up on and very little time to do so.”

“Catch up on? What month are we in?” I asked, shivering.

Her gaze fell flat.

Astral shifted and took a gentle step in between us. “Forgive her, Alexis. Being in the Hall of Knowledge for such a long time does make one dizzy-minded.”

“But I wasn’t there for that long. Hours if anything,” I stated. I was confused and felt on the verge of snapping. The dragon in me felt suppressed.

His smile was patient when he tilted his head at me. “Oh, but it was much longer, Little Flame. You’ve been gone for almost a year in the time of the living. We are in November…again.”

And scene. A lot of mixed emotions bombard Aurora when she wakes in the realm. A lot of time has passed and a lot of hope was lost. She must reunite the people in the realm in hopes that they will fight back against Zordon and his steadily growing army.

Are you as excited as I am?

On another note:

Best Friends






Yes that is me and my bestie author Sonya Loveday. You should check her out. ;)

That being said, Echelon out ♥

Born in Flames Blog Tours

born-in-flames-finalHello once again, Readers!!!

Not much happening on the home front. Unless you consider editing, fitting in the gym when I’m not being lazy, and potty training a thrill. If so, then I will change the above statement to my life is a never-ending thrill ride!

But I digress.

Next week Born in Flames will be featured in not one, but two blog tours. Say what!

Cha-I know.

I wasn’t paying attention when I scheduled the dates and for some reason I scheduled them together. Freaking exciting. They’re both seven-day tours with around 44 stops. Can I getta oh snap!

Any who, here is the breakdown of what’s going down:

Reading Away the Days! Born in Flames Blog Tour from April 22nd to April 28th:

22nd April:
Book Addicted AA – Review
Lily Bloom Books – Review
23rd April:
Soul Unsung – Character Spotlight
Tams’s Book Blog – Review & This or that
24th April:
Fated Paranormals – Review & Excerpt
Book Crazy – Review
25th April:
Sweet Southern Home – Interview
Reading Away the Days – Top 10 post
26th April:
Pieces of Whimsy – Book Excerpt
27th April:
Cause I Say So – Review
YA-Aholic – Review
28th April:
We Do Write – Interview
Book Club Sisters – Review
Girls *Heart* Books Born in Flames Blog Tour from April 21st to the 27th:

April 21st: 

A Little Bit of R ‘n’ R -Excerpt, Spotlight, Playlist Post-Songs that you listened to while writing the book

Raven Reviews – Excerpt, Playlist Post-songs that fit the main character

Angels with Attitude Boook Reviews -Review, Spotlight

Girls *Heart* Books Tours-Schedule & Spotlight

April 22nd:

Brianna Lee Book Reviews-Excerpt, Spotlight

Shadow Realm– Excerpt, Spotlight

Girls *Heart* Books-Review, Spotlight

Ever and Ever Sight– Review, Top Tens Book Series

April 23rd:

Krystal Clear Book Reviews– Review, Excerpt, Book Soundtrack

Paperrdolls -Review, Excerpt, Spotlight

Addicted Readers – Review, Excerpt, Spotlight

Sassy Book Lovers- Excerpt/Spotlight

April 24th:

Flavor of Love– Top Tens -Favorite Love Songs

The Next Chapter – Review, Excerpt

As You Wish Reviews -Excerpt, Spotlight

Book Dream Land– Review, Excerpt, Spotlight

April 25th:

Cu’se-Book Give Aways – Review

Consuming Worlds – Review

Indy Book Fairy -Review, Excerpt, Author Interview

Bawaka’s Book Fair-Excerpt

Page Flipperz YA– Spotlight, Playlist Post

April 26th:

Just Me, Myself & I -Review, Excerpt

The Next Chapter – Character Interview, Spotlight

A Page Away -Excerpt, Spotlight

Rambling Voices in My Head-Review, Excerpt, Spotlight, Book Soundtrack

April 27th:

Between the Bind-Review, Excerpt

Paranormal Book Club– Guest Post, Excerpt

The Reader’s Garden – Review

Mythical Books -Review, Excerpt

So that about sums that up. More to come, folks!

Echelon out ♥