Fenn’s Journal Day One

– Day 1

Something happened today. To both of us. When we were at the bus stop this morning, there was this old guy there. I got the strangest feeling around him-like I knew him even though I’ve never seen him around town before. The power inside of me surged when I looked at him. My power only ever awakens when Aurora is in danger. It’s how I knew that something was up with him.

But for some strange reason, I didn’t think that he would hurt her. I felt that he was about to change her. Like if they spoke, she would be put through hell. It took everything in me to keep myself under control. It’s always like that though. I can’t let her know about me. I have a hard enough time trying to convince her that everything is fine when it comes to her accidents with fire. She looks to me to know that everything is okay. I can’t be honest about myself with her and still wear that facade that I’m okay with it…because I’m not. I hate that we don’t have an explanation for why we are the way we are.

It all came crashing down when we got on the bus. He dropped a necklace and when she touched it, she was thrown back into my lap. I knew right away that he was like me.  I knew, because I felt the energy coming off of him and spiking throughout Rory. I wanted to crush him for upsetting her. But when she turned around, her eyes were blood-red. That stopped me in my tracks. It scared the shit out of me. I initially thought that she had some sort of brain damage, but that wasn’t the case. She was changing, though into what I have no clue.

She thinks she’s a Demon or something. A Demon. Really? There’s no way. She has too much life in her to be something like that. Whatever is in her, was brought out by this guy. He knows something about us. But am I really ready to find out? If we go looking, then everything I’ve tried to hide from her will be brought to light.

Maybe if I tell her the truth about myself, it will bring us closer. She is a stickler for being honest. But wouldn’t that be selfish? Would it help her to worry about me? I can’t do that to her. She deserves so much. My need to protect her will always come first. She is my everything and one day she will wake up and see that. I just hope it happens before everything spirals out of control. With this guy in town…there’s no telling when that will happen.