How To Create A Button For Your Blog

ZombieHello once again, Readers!!! Like the picture?? Me too! I love The Walking Dead!!! The series just keeps getting better and better. Do you watch it? If not, you definitely should. If you do watch it, then you know what Rick is talking about lol.

But I digress.

So for most of you that have no idea what a button is, here is a quick definition. If you look to the right of my blog, you will see a picture of my cover and wording right below it that says “Grab my button”. That is what a button is. It is something that represents your blog that someone else can post onto theirs for promotion or just because they are freaking awesomely nice. Neat right?

I thought so too which is why I created one! If any of you are Authors, it’s a good idea to have one for your readers who blog. It gives them a way to represent your book. You’ll be surprised by just how easy it is too. I sure was.

Let’s dive in to the details, shall we?

  1. Find an image that best represents your blog. If it’s your book, use your cover.
  2. Go to Pixlr. This is a site that allows you to edit your image using a plethora of tools. The most important thing though is it allows you to size the image.
  3. Now that you’re on Pixlr, click browse. This will open your files on your computer. Find the image and select okay.
  4. Now your image is open and ready! You have six main options here. Adjustment (which is all the little details like overlapping images, shading, doodling, downsizing, ect), effect (which allows you to change the color of your photo), overlay (this has free images and effects that you can overlap onto your photo), border, sticker, and font. Neat right?
  5. Once you’re finished playing around with it and you have your image how you want it, you need to size it. A standard button should be 125×125, but you can play around to make it whatever you want. Just remember that this is something for other people to put on their blogs so don’t make it too big.
  6. Now you click save!

Easy right? But that’s just for the image. Now you have to create a code for it that will enable others to actually “grab” it.

  1. This is your basic code: <a href=”YourSiteURL“><img src=”YourButtonImageURL” /></a>
  2. Replace the bold lettering with your information. To find your button image URL, upload the image into your media and then copy the image url is assigns you. That is what you will insert into that part.

The code is created! Now you have to add it to your blog!

  1. Go to appearance and then widgets. Take a text box and place it on the sidebar where you want it displayed.
  2. Add the image URL.
  3. Add the following code to the box, replacing all bold with your information: <img src=”YourButtonImageURL” alt=”YourSiteTitle” />
    123px; height: 125px; overflow: auto; border: 1px solid #666666;”><a href=”

    YourSiteURL” target=”_blank”><img src=”YourButtonImageURL” alt=”YourSiteTitle” width=”125″ height=”125″ /&gt;&lt;/a&gt;</div>

Now you should have a successful button! Woot! Who knew!? I hope this was helpful to you! If not, you can find other sites that have more in-depth step-by-step instructions. This is just a quick version. I also used Pixlr to create my mock book cover for NaNo. I love that site.

Any who, thanks for hanging in there! Hope you have a happy and safe Christmas!

Echelon out ♥