Is the sky really the limit?

Hello once again Readers! How have you been? I’ve been busy editing my second novel (the same thing I do every day). I always love doing the first round of editing. For me, I always find new things inside the story that I hadn’t thought of when writing the first draft. More description, added fight scenes, deeper connections to the plot, even new characters. The story really becomes a story as you re-read and add to it. But that’s not what I wanted to blog about, so I digress.

Lately I’ve found myself thinking a lot about my dreams and aspirations. I’m 25. Time is not moving any slower for me. I’ve been thinking a lot about how it’s said that you have to go through the dark to find the light. I know that I’ve been through these times when it comes to becoming a published author. After receiving enough rejection letters to wallpaper my bathroom, I had hit the plateau of depression. You know, that moment where you feel your dream slipping through your tear-stained fingers? I remember bawling my eyes out, repeating the words, “I want this so bad,” over and over again, hoping for someone to give me a shot. To believe in me. To see the potential. And then BAM! The next day is when I received the email from my publisher offering me a contract. Had my deep yearning shaken something open for me in the universe?

Which leads me to my point. You know the saying, “The sky’s the limit”? I think that is the silliest saying ever. The sky is not the limit. You are the limit. You are the only thing holding you back from your dreams. If you believe that it can happen and you work hard enough for it, then it is bound to happen! It has to! Maybe it won’t happen right away, but it will eventually as long as you don’t give up on yourself. You have to believe in yourself in order for others to. You have to want it bad enough and then go after it like a mad person. At least that’s what I believe.

I’m not really sure where this blog is coming from, but lately I’ve been yearning for more. For greatness. I want it so badly that I can’t keep my fingers from twitching for the need to pour my soul out onto the word document of my current WIP. Crazy right? Do you ever feel this way? Do you ever feel like you’re on the edge of your dream, dangling by your last strain of hope? The dream is just in sight, but you still have that last hill to climb? If so, don’t give up. It’s right around the corner. Anchor your confidence deep down inside of you and don’t let it go. You CAN do it!

That being said, Echelon out.

Oh! And one more thing! I went to Epcot the other day with my bestie and look what I found!!!

What a restless mind can do.

Hello Readers!!!

Last night I tossed and turned for hours because I couldn’t stop thinking about writing. I started out thinking about the many stories swarming through my mind and which project I should dive into next. Should I enter writing contests with them or remain focused on my second novel? Should I go back to school? Could I handle it right now with my two kids, writing, and my business I’m trying to jump-start with my bestie? The thoughts plagued my mind as tossed from left to right, opening my eyes every so often to find that another 15 minutes had passed. What was my deal?! 

Then my thoughts formed into an image.

What was it that I saw behind my closed lids? A blank page. How would this appease my restless mind? Well…so much can be done with a blank page! A new story, a sketch, a painted picture, a grocery list, a list of chores that I so need to do. The possibilities are endless! What’s my point? My point is, I love the thrill of starting fresh. I love blank pages, blank walls, a blank canvas. I love pushing myself to branch out creatively in ways that I thought I couldn’t. The unknown doesn’t scare me, it compels me. I tackle my novels with the same thinking. I have a smidgen of an idea of where I want to go with it and then I sit down behind my laptop, fingers itching to glide across the keys. It always starts out the same. One word, two words, pause, a few more words, pause, and then BOOM! An avalanche of words pour out of me as my fingers race to keep up with the sentences forming inside my head. It’s almost guaranteed that I will have spelling errors and grammatical errors due to the fact that I don’t stop until it’s all out. I don’t want to lose a good thought due to trying to be perfect. That’s what drafting is all about. Edits come after the words are spilled onto the paper.

How will this affect your daily life? It won’t, at least I don’t think it will. I try to make sure that every blog I write has some sort of meaning to writing, or at least some sort of advice or encouragement to be a better you. This one, I feel, is more of a journal entry. Something I would write in my personal journal. But last night as I laid in bed, trying so very hard to fall asleep, this was all I could think about. I almost got up, just to write this out, but stopped myself because I knew once I was up I would never fall asleep. So if I am to scrounge up any sort of advice to make this an inspiring blog, it would be to not be afraid of the unknown. If you are an artist…JUMP! Always jump for what you hesitate on because sitting back and wondering what if will drive you mad. Practice makes perfect with a side of patience (something I’m still working on.) And if you aren’t an artist, I would say to you: Why aren’t you one? Doodling is art. Painting a wall in your livingroom is art. Clipping coupons is art. Raising children is art. Art is all around us and inside of us. Once you realize that, you will be unstoppable! So rather than leaving you with a question, how about you list the things you are good at below. Share your art with me!

Okay, I’ve babbled on enough lol. Thanks for reading my ramblings.

Until next time, Echelon out ♥

Im-pa-tience: 1) lack of patience 2) restlessness 3) Candace Knoebel

 Hello once again readers!!!

*Yawning profusely*

So I’ve tossed around a few different ideas for this blog and ended up with so many that I find  it hard to choose! I have to remind myself that I have plenty of time to write.

With that being said, I decided to go with my patience -or lack thereof. Hence the yawn.

There are a few different theories as to why we yawn ranging from sleepiness, all the way to it being embedded in your genetic roots.  *raised brow* But I’ve found one to suffice my need to yawn. The truth to why we yawn.


When I dig deep into the cause of my boredom, I find that it’s really only impatience that I’m feeling. So I’m not bored with life! I’m just obsessively impatient! And you’re probably wondering, “Well what does yawning have to do with impatience?”


My mind can be so fast-paced, swirling with ideas that irk to be written down, or chores that need to be finished, that I forget that not everything can happen with the snap of your fingers, or the click of a key on a keyboard for that matter. Sometimes you have to slooooow dowwwwn.

Take the submittal process….months and months of waiting. And then more months and months…and months…and months. Everyday hoping and praying that today will be the day. Everyday wondering, “Is someone reading my query?” Or, “I wonder if they liked my manuscript?”

That probably should’ve been when I first learned the structure of patience. When I should’ve honed the art of being patient and added it into my deck of cards. But of course, as usual, the universe sends me a lesson and I completely overlook it. *Shrugs*

Now fast-forward to the present day and add in Feb. 3rd. The day the editor will inevitably lay a smack down on me. The day red markings will distort my vision. On the inside I’m bursting with curiosity as to what the feedback will be. And so the yawning has become un-ending…trying to appease for my impatience with this impending date.

I must stop the cycle! Overcoming my impatience is now my New Years resolution -one that I intend to follow through with for the sake of my sanity!

And with that being said I ask, have you ever felt overly impatient?

If so there is hope! If I can over come it, being the very meaning of impatience, so can you!

I digress lol, Echelon out ♥