How To Use Facebook As An Author In Five Simple Steps.

0427ed2ce6a2b95ad5ff5344b30c39a7Hello once again, Readers!!! How goes it! We are still working on the cover for Embracing the Flames. It has to be perfect! I have also surpassed 50K in From the Embers, so I’d say I am making progress. Woot!

But I digress.

This post is about something I have been experimenting with lately. Building up a Facebook audience. I am a strong believer that not every social media site is for everyone. You have to find what works, and I like Facebook.

But the important question is, does Facebook help you as an author trying to market? YES! If you learn to use Facebook effectively, it really can help you reach a wider audience.

How do I know?

Like most, when I was thrown into the world of being published and needing to market, I found myself sitting in front of my computer lost and confused. But with some effort and research, I have managed to figure some things out. One of which, is how to use Facebook as an author. Through reading, watching, and then actually doing, I can attest that these simple steps work.

It’s really easy. All you need it a little bit of time, devotion, and a leap of faith.

Here are my five steps to success:

  1. Use pictures to connect with your audience. These can be found anywhere. Using pictures is a quick way to connect without having to write anything. It’s pleasing to the eye and it also gives the audience something to share on their page, thus helping you branch out virally.
  2. Ask questions. Be concerned about your audience. Get to know them. They are helping you out just by liking your page, so return the favor by being interested and talking to them. Ask a simple question like: What are you reading? This is an effective way to engage and meet your audience.
  3. Hold giveaways. Everyone loves free stuff. If you are an author, this is a great way to not only get people talking, but to expand your audience and get reviews and such in return. It will also pull in new likes if you target the giveaway to that.
  4. Support other pages and authors. Branching out is easy if you believe in karma. Give and thee shall receive. Whenever you like a page, Facebook has integrated this handy “if you like this, then you may like this” option. Use that to keep finding similar pages that suit your interest and then promote their stuff as well.
  5. Share freebies and other things that spark you. Chances are, your readers will be just as interested, thus keeping them wanting to be a part of your page.

I know, they aren’t super complicated. But that’s the beauty of Facebook. It’s really not that complicated. You just have to decide and then stick to it. Try to post at least once a day. Take around 10 minutes to read through the news feed and comment on others stuff and then promote your stuff.

Hope this helps! If not, do not fret! There are other sites that offer tons of advice. One of my favorites is Author Media. They have tons of posts on how to build your platform.

Any who, now to leave you with a question: What social site has helped you?












Echelon out, Peeps ♥

A Street Team Giveaway!!

photo credit: richcianci via photopin cc

Hello once again, Readers!!! Happy turkey week!! I hope you ate enough to feed an army…I sure did. I’m telling you, this sure has been a crazy month. NaNo has been a constant pull at my attention and I am continuously falling behind and catching back up. It’s a crappy cycle to be stuck in.

It’s all of life’s fault.

But if I combine my NaNo project and the word count in From the Embers, I have surpassed the 50k mark. That wasn’t my goal though. I still have time to finish on time…I hope. My current word count is 33k for Starfall. I have high hopes that I will finish in time. I’m not a quitter.

But you didn’t come here just to hear me whine so I digress…

In the spirit of the holiday season (and black Friday craziness), I wanted to do a Street Team giveaway. I currently only have five followers on my FB page for the Street Team. I’m hoping for more because it is a special page just for inside info on the novels and special giveaways.

So if you’re interested in joining and winning a one-of-a-kind necklace, follow the following link and click like: Street Team Little Flames.

Here is the necklace that is up for grabs:

  1. Follow the link and click ‘like’ to become a “Little Flame”.

Easy right? I know… it’s the season to give. The contest will run until I post again and I will notify the winner either through FB or through the blog. I’m hoping to have another post out by next weekend, but you know how that goes. Life happens and the blog suffers for it.

But anyway, I hope to see you there! As soon as my edits are in for Embracing the Flames, I want to share an excerpt on the page. Hope the crowd is bigger than five lol. I have big plans and little time.

Happy Holidays!!!

Echelon out ♥

 P.S. This is what I would look like if I were a dinosaur. Courtesy of Universal lol. Hmmm… ;)

Social Media & Marketing Part One-Twitter

Hello once again Readers!!! It’s going to be a long, but resourceful blog today, so let us begin. I have just realized that I am not as socially savvy as I thought I was…

Wait…so you mean you’re awkward?

Yes-yes I am. When it comes to social media that is. Sure I have a Facebook, a blog, and a Twitter, but am I using them properly and to my advantage? And, are there other social sites I could be using?

It always happens this way for me. I wake up and smack my forehead. Duh! I need to get with it. But how exactly do you do that? Well, my lovely readers, the slow and painful way-a.k.a-research. But lucky for you, I am going to break down what I’ve found into five easy links for your viewing and learning pleasure. Don’t say I never gave you anything. *Wink*

Okay, so here we go. First off, I stumbled on a site called, Author Media. If you haven’t discovered this site by now, please click on that link. Their site is FULL of helpful information on marketing and social networking for new and aspiring authors. And let’s face it, for indie authors, most of the marketing falls in your lap, so take all the help you can get!

But what really caught my attention, (which is extremely hard to do considering I skim through most everything I read), was all the Twitter tips. Yes. I am admitting to you right now, that I don’t really know how to use Twitter. I mean, I barely understand the concept of hashtags. I’ve spent the last few years brazenly refusing to fall into another social media’s trap, but now that I am to be published, it’s time for me to grow up and get over myself. It’s a resourceful way of connecting with not only other authors, but agents and publishers too! Check out these articles that I have thoroughly read and feel are useful to mastering the famous blue bird.

How to Get Started on Twitter-for those of you who don’t have one yet. This is a very quick and easy set-up tutorial. I highly recommend you open another tab and get started!

How to Create a Twitter List-I didn’t even know this was possible! This solves a majority of the reason why I never liked Twitter. Creating a list will cut back all the tweets that you don’t particularly care about reading, and will categorize them for those of you who are OCD like me. Plus, this blog even has easy, step-by-step instructions with pictures! Hang on-logging into Twitter as I type so I can update as I finish this blog. Gosh I love multitasking!

What to say on Twitter to gain an audience-This blog is especially helpful for moi. As I said in the opening, I tend to be socially awkward. This blog will remind you that no one cares if you are standing in line at Starbucks. What matters is, are you interesting? Can you make their day a little less boring?

If I haven’t convinced you yet that Twitter is important to an author, read this! 5 Reasons Novelists Should Flock to Twitter. It’s very convincing.

And last, but certainly not least, Finding the best time to Tweet. I actually laughed when I read this. I can’t believe I am so behind in the ways of social networking. It’s almost embarrassing! (Which embarrassed is my middle name in case you didn’t know). It goes right alongside of my awkward title.

So, if you are still reading this, I hope that you have gained at least a smidgen of insight in the ways of Twitter. I am only in the beginning stages so I will continue to update you on what I find as well as share what else I learn in the ways of marketing.

Now to leave you with a question: What did you have for lunch? Haha, just kidding. Seriously, the question is, what do you know about Twitter that can make my life easier? Please, please share your knowledge below for all of us to read!

Echelon out ♥