Character Interview with Fenn and Zane.

4e846a8a873581d84d729122fd230817Hello once again, readers! Happy hUMp day!

Is that…oh mer gerd…I think…it’s Dean and Sam!  *fangirls*

Why yes, yes it is.

I wanted to make your Wednesday extra special. Supernatural is one of my all-time favorite TV shows and when I decided to share this character interview with you, I had to find a picture of two guys who remotely resembled Fenn and Zane… who are brothers, I might add.

These two immediately popped into my head. The issues they’ve had, the banter back and forth, the good looks, why not paste them up on my blog to represent the men from the Born in Flames Trilogy? I know…brilliant.

But I digress.

My street team voted on who they wanted to see an interview with and it came down to Fenn and Zane. One of the girls requested that I do an interview with both which I thought was brilliant considering the issues between them. Of course it took a little finagling to get them to agree, but they are here now and ready to share some of their deep, dark secrets.


Me: Today I have the honor of interviewing the two hunks of the Born in Flames Trilogy, Fenn and Zane. Hello, boys.

Fenn:*waves* Hiya!

Zane: *grunts* Hey.

Me: So, boys, let’s start out with something awkward to set the tone.

Zane: Oh boy.

Me: Oh boy is right, Zane, and I have just the question for you. What is it like being in love with your brother’s girlfriend.

Fenn: *coughs* Fiancé.

Zane: *side-eyes Fenn and then glares at me* Not fun. What do you think it’s like? Here sits the perfect girl and I can’t do anything to make her see me. And honestly, I don’t want her to see me, because if she did, then she may not like me as much as I know she does.

Fenn: *rolls eyes*

Zane: *turns to Fenn* And despite what you may think, I do care about you and your happiness. You’re good for her. So as much as it sucks to know I can’t have what I want, I suck it up and go on, because that’s the right thing to do.

Fenn: *sighs and pats him on the back* I know. She’s a good girl and she loves you. Sometimes I feel a little too much, but it’s only because of my own insecurities. You two do have an understanding that makes me a little jealous.

Me: See, look at you two, communicating and hashing it out like good brothers. I knew there was hope for you.

Zane: *raises eyebrows* Don’t get ahead of yourself.

Me: Okay…next question. Fenn, how did you feel when you found out Aurora chose you over your sister’s life?

Zane: Wow.

Fenn: *shifts uncomfortably in seat* You really like intense questions, don’t you? *I nod* Honestly, I was mad at her. *Zane’s head snaps in Fenn’s direction* What? It’s true. I would’ve wanted her to pick Lex. She’s my twin. I love her. And as much as I love Aurora and want to spend my life with her, I felt the right thing to do would’ve been to save Lexi.

Me: But you’re wrong. Alexis needed to become a Celestian and you still have work to do as Aurora’s protector. Your most important job yet. Your reason for being is about to be brought to light.

Fenn: And what’s that?

Me: *smirk* If I tell you, I’ll have to kill you. ;)

Fenn: You’re going to kill me? No way. You need me too much. I am Rory’s love and her protector. You wouldn’t.

Me: *shrug* Next question…for both of you. How did it feel when you found out who your mother really was?

Zane: It was a slap in the face.

Fenn: I was disappointed, but it made sense. I could never understand why she was the way she was as Eve. So bitter and full of hate. But when I found out what she had been through with Zordon and the sacrifice she made for me and Lex, I couldn’t hate her anymore. I feel bad for her. *looks over at Zane*

Zane: She abandoned me and Zhax. He may not have turned out to be so rotten if she would’ve taken us with her. If there was hope for me, then there was hope for Zhax.

Me: You can’t live on what ifs, Zane. You have to find it in your heart to forgive. It’s the only way you will ever be able to fully heal.

Zane: I’ll get back to you on that.

Me: Zane. How did you feel finding out that you had younger siblings aside from Zhax?

Zane: Well, after the shock settled, I felt a mixture of emotions. I liked Alexis…and her attitude. Fenn on the other hand, well, I was still trying to adjust to the fact that he had Aurora’s heart. But when I saw past that, I was honestly happy.

Fenn: You were?

Zane: Yeah. You’re cool.

Fenn: You too. *grinning*

Me: Now for a funny question. This comes from Megan. *leans in* She has a thing for you, Zane. Would you be willing to mud wrestle each other for the sake of my street team?

Fenn & Zane: *both start laughing*

Zane: Seriously? *I nod* Wow. Umm…I think that might be a little uncomfortable. But for you, Megan, I would definitely be interested in meeting you. I might even flash these babies. *lifts shirt to flaunt chiseled abs and chest*

Fenn: Dude, put those away.

Zane: Don’t be jealous.

Me: You are quite the ladies man, Zane.

Zane: *points to self* Me?

Me: Yep. They all have a thing for you.

Zane: Hmm…maybe there’s hope for me after all.

Me: Last question: Beauty or brains?

Fenn: Brains is where all the beauty lies.

Zane: I agree. You have to have a brain for me to even think about looking at you.

Me: Awesome! Thank you both for sitting with me today. It’s been a while since I’ve spoken with you. And, Zane, I might be speaking with you in the near future. Possibly to do a story in your perspective.

Zane: Sounds good to me.

Fenn: What about me?

Me: Oh, you too, Fenn. I was thinking a novella about the time you were away from Aurora.

Fenn: Cool.

And scene.

That was fun. Now it’s time for me to get back to work. I must finish my WIP this month.

Echelon out ♥

A Tale Of True Love ♥

Hello once again, Readers!!! Check out my chitlins and me. Their so cute, aren’t they? We were enjoying ice cream on a Friday afternoon recently (a treat my son gets when he has a full week with no note in his planner). He is a terror like me, muhahaha.

But I digress.

So only a couple of days left for NaNo and I’m on track. Thank goodness. This has been a trying month. And by trying I mean, a week-long bout of the flu, another art festival done, preparing for another two shows in the next two weeks, writing for NaNo, and continuing the third installment to the Born in Flames Trilogy, From the Embers. Need I go on?


So a couple new things before I get to the fun interview. I added a new page to the blog for Embracing the Flames which will be back any day now from the editor. I also added a page titled: Aurora’s Journal. She will be sharing thoughts off and on about the trials and tribulations she goes through and what her take is on it. It’s an experiment. Lastly, I added an art page to the Fae Tis Moor page to showcase all the work Sonya and I are doing.

Baby steps people.

Now let’s see if I can keep up with it all…hahaha. I’m not happy until my plate is overflowing.

Any who…now on to the fun stuff!

I’ve been working around the clock (and by round the clock I mean when I remember), finding blogs to review Born in Flames for me. It’s a great way to market your novel and get exposure. One of the blogs who responded back offered to showcase a character interview for me. I had already planned on doing this on here, so I was really excited for the opportunity. And just because I love you so, my Little Flames, I am posting the interview before it has even hit the other blog.

It’s an interview between Fenn and Aurora. I used some of the same questions I did in the character interview with just Aurora because I wanted to give Fenn’s reactions to the major issues in Born in Flames as well.

So without further adieu:

Tell us a little about yourself.

Aurora: *shifts uncomfortably*. Umm…so talk about myself…I don’t normally talk about myself. I would say I’m just your average girl, but the truth is… *looks away and says quietly* I’m not. Fenn wants us to be normal, but lately, normal has become pretty unavoidable.

Fenn: *Fenn laughs* That’s an understatement.

Aurora: *She rolls her eyes* So anyway, I guess I’m your not so average girl. I just pray that I can keep what’s inside of me…my dragon side…under control.

Fenn: Me too. And you forgot to add that you are incredibly stubborn and cute at the same time. *Looks at Lisa* It’s really not fair.

Aurora: Well, Fenn, why don’t you share your attributes then? We’re all dying to hear how you see yourself.

Fenn: *Flashes charming grin* Drop dead gorgeous, funny, witty…you know…

Aurora: *She coughs to interrupt* Also hardheaded, fiercely protective, and annoyingly funny.

Fenn: *He puts his arm around her* What more could you ask for?


Aurora, how did you feel when you found out you were able to shift into a dragon?

Aurora: Well that’s a funny story. You see, I always knew I was different…I mean, if I was angry enough I could set anything on fire, but dragon!? And it all started when this Creepy guy followed me one night to the diner I work at.

Fenn: No, it started at the bus stop when you ticked off the bus driver.

Aurora: *Face reddens* Oh yeah. Well anyway, that night at the diner he foretold a prophecy about a conqueror who was of dragon born. Of course I had no idea what he was talking about, and of course Fenn decided to throw him out before I could get any answers. So it took me quite a while to piece together just exactly how I fit into all of this. But long story short, I actually feel at piece with it. *her face softens* It brings me one step closer to uniting with my parents.

Fenn: *Looks to Lisa and shakes his head* The guy screams crazy stalker. She never listens to me. It’s been like that since we were kids growing up. And as far as Aurora being a dragon…it makes sense. Hot-tempered, egotistical…*he sees her shocked face and laughs* I’m kidding, Rory. You know I think it’s awesome.


How did you feel when Mr. Creepy foretold the prophecy?

Aurora: *starts laughing* I’m sorry…Fenn’s right, he’s just…creepy. He doesn’t follow the norm. So when he told me…I was a bit scared. I mean his eyes were glowing bright white and his hands were pulsing with magic. It’s not a sight you see everyday…especially not in my small town. *leans in and whispers* But to be honest with you, I was exhilarated! I mean, I felt like things were beginning. Things that had been laying dormant for so long…like my dragon side. *Looks at Fenn and smirks* But I’m not the only one who learned something that night.

Fenn: Ah yes…here we go. I didn’t admit to her that I have powers of my own. And somehow, this creepy dude knew that and chose that moment to air out my dirty laundry.

Aurora: You only have yourself to blame. Honesty is the best policy.

Fenn: *Looks at Lisa uncomfortably* She’s so cute…isn’t she?


Speaking of honesty…what are your true feelings for him, Aurora?

Fenn: *Turns to Aurora and smiles* Yes, Aurora. What are your feelings for me?

Aurora: *blushes* Heh…just had to ask that, didn’t you? *pinches the bridge of her nose* You see, he’s my very best friend. I honestly don’t know what I’d do without him. And after I thought that I had lost him, well *looks away, voice breaking* well, I won’t make the same mistakes again. *Looks up at him* He knows I love him…wholeheartedly. I would do anything for him, Fates be damned. I just hope he can learn to open up more and trust me. He has this problem with over protection. It’s not his fault really, he was deemed my protector, but still…it can’t work if he can’t trust me.

Fenn: I have this overwhelming need to protect her. *looks at Aurora* It’s not that I don’t trust you; I just try to protect you. *Looks back at Lisa* I was glad to hear that night at the diner that I am her protector. It makes sense now. We are drawn to each other and there isn’t anything we can do to change it. Not that I’d want to. She’s everything I want and more. *Aurora leans in and kisses his cheek*


Is your shift uncomfortable, Aurora?

Aurora: *she smiles brightly* The first time I shifted it was, but the fifth Fate ensured that it would be the only time I felt pain. He said I was reborn. And I don’t shift into a dragon like how you may be thinking. I still have a “human shape”. Weird right? It all starts with tiny wisps of smoke that swirl out of my nose. At first it was an annoying quirk, but now I barely pay attention to it. Then my eyes shift to a blood-red color (which freaks Fenn out).

Fenn: Only the first time because I wasn’t expecting it!

Aurora: Ruby red scales that reflect like mirrors race along my skin, covering me from head to toe. *she laughs* You totally need sunglasses around me ’cause I’ll blind you. *leans forward and points to her tailbone* My tail comes from here. But my wings are the best part of shifting. They emerge from the top of my back and stretch out to around 7ft a piece. I know because Fenn insisted on measuring. *shakes her head* But anyway, the Fate told me I was a hybrid; his greatest creation.

Fenn: You are.


One last question…Fenn, how do you feel about the connection between Zordon and Aurora?

Fenn: *His jaw clenches* It pisses me off. He is evil and set out for revenge. He’ll kill anyone who tries to get in his way. I can’t say I’m thrilled about him being the one she is tied to by The Fates. If there is something I can do to change that, I will find it and make it happen!

Aurora: It’s not a romantic connection. We share something in common…something that I fear will be the deciding factor in who wins the inevitable war to come between us.

Fenn: He doesn’t stand a chance. We will find a way to defeat him. I won’t let him hurt you or our people.


And that is all folks. I know…big post today. If you’re still here reading, I applaud and appreciate you!

Here’s a bit of humor for hanging in there:

Until next time, Echelon out ♥