Fenn’s Journal

-Day 4

She made me cinnamon rolls this morning. That has been her way of apologizing ever since we were kids. The first time was when we around the age of 13. We got into a huge argument about who was going to fold the laundry. She dumped my clothes down the stairs. Needless to say, I left them there for her to clean and locked myself in my room. What brought me out was the sweet smell of cinnamon rolls, my favorite breakfast food.

She had baked them for me with the help of Mily.

So when I woke to the smell this morning, I knew that somewhere deep down inside her thick head, she knows that she loves me. I could see it in her beautiful pleading eyes. She was so worried that I was going to be upset with her for last night. When is she going to realize she is perfect in my eyes? I was only upset because of the danger I had put her in by not listening to that creepy guy.

Which she also reminded me of this morning. She is dead set on finding him. I know she is right, it’s just this need I have to keep her safe that leaves me feeling leery all the time. But last night proved that my protective skills aren’t as sharp as I thought they were. Strength won’t solve everything.

I know this because a letter came for her shortly after breakfast. It was from someone from our past. Someone who knew things about us. Things that we were set on learning from Mr. Creepy. So now there is another player involved. The letter said that she has a choice and that the answers to her return home are inside a security deposit box. But what ‘home’ is the letter talking about? And who is this mysterious person? Rory thinks it’s from her mother…but what if she is wrong?

I’m excited and nervous, but mostly scared. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I fear it’s out of my hands this time. The only thing I can do now is be there for her, which is why I am taking her to the bank now. I’m just waiting on her to come out of the bathroom.

Whoever it is, I’m crossing my fingers that they keep her out of danger. Lord knows she is a magnet for trouble.



Fenn’s Journal

-Day 4

I’m ready to think about what happened last night. I’m going to have to face it sooner or later.

Let me start by writing: Everything is different now.

It started at the restaurant. After I tried to tell Rory that I had feelings for her, she shot me down with her BS excuse about how we couldn’t work because of our “past”. I played my declaration off as trying to buy a car together instead of the confession that it really was.

Lame, but it was all I could think of.

I think she was upset that I didn’t push harder. She’s used to me making her listen. But I’m not going to force her to recognize that she loves me more than a friend. She has to fall, just like every one else. Just like I did for her. Only then will it be real between us.

Any way, she excused herself. That creep guy was nearby, because as soon as she left, he approached our table. He said he needed me to listen to him. He said if I took her to the horse ranch, it would alternate the course we were supposed to be on. He said I should take her home instead because there would be a bad storm and we would be caught in the middle. Lightning would strike, thus causing a fire nearby. He said this fire will set Aurora on a path that I wouldn’t be able to follow.

I don’t exactly know why, but I saw red.

I did what I thought was right in the moment. I took him outside. I was ready to show him just what I thought of him. I wanted him to leave us alone. I didn’t want to believe that he could be right. I didn’t want to know that Aurora and I were truly different. I didn’t believe that we were from somewhere else.

And boy was I wrong.

I took her to the horse ranch any way, despite Rory being angry with me for shoving the creep even further away from us. And, well, lightning struck.

What happened last night, it was something that I am still trying to wrap my mind around. After Rory fell off her horse and was nicked in the head, lightning struck a tree nearby. The fire was alive if that makes any sense. It seemed to sense Aurora. It moved towards her and encircled her. It scared the shit out of me. Every fiber in my being screamed to protect her. I thought she was going to burn alive. But when I tried to pull her from the fire, she had this vacant look in her eyes. She wasn’t my Rory, but something much more powerful. She threw me backwards with a flick of her wrist.

I got up and tried again, refusing to give up on her. When I jumped through the wall of flames, they stuck to my skin like tar. That’s how she came back to me. She thought I was hurt. Luckily, I heal quickly, always have. The burns were gone within seconds. She was so frail, so scared. It was in that moment, when we clung to each other as the rain drenched us, that I realized I had really messed up.

We could have been killed and all because I didn’t want to hear what that creepy guy had to say. I have to stop denying this. I have to come to terms with the fact that Aurora and I are meant for something more. And that the creepy guys knows exactly what it is.

I have to find him and make this right.

She’s stirring now. I put a Shortcake Band-aid on her bruise. I’m trying not to laugh at her cuteness. She’s so beautiful. I wish I could kiss her.

Man I need to get a life.




Fenn’s Journal

-Day 3

The date didn’t go as planned. I should have known. When does anything ever go as planned for me? Is it even worth writing about anymore? I flip back through this journal and the majority of what I see is unplanned, not normal events taking place. What happened to the days when things made sense? Did they ever make sense?

There was a small moment, at the restaurant, when Aurora looked at me. I mean, she really looked at me. The blush in her cheeks and the way she bit her lower lip, it always happens when she’s nervous or embarrassed. She said I was the yin to her yang. I know that sounds silly, but it was the look in her eyes that made the statement so much more. The wall between us broke a little more.

At least I thought it did, because right when I was about to admit my feelings, she cut off me off with a load of crap about how she doesn’t want to ruin our relationship. Stupid girl stuff. She has to sort every freaking thing out. Nice and neat. Love isn’t neat. It isn’t something you can plan. Why can’t she see that?

Just asking that…scares me. What if she can’t see it because she doesn’t feel how I feel?

Blah. I’m sick of thinking like this. Something’s gotta give. I won’t even touch on what happened after the restaurant. I’m not ready to walk through that just yet. Saying that my denial backfired big time, is a HUGE understatement. I’ve got a lot to think about.

Oh, Aurora lost her journal. Well…she says she lost her journal. I’m not sure if I believe her though because I offered to buy her another and she said no. So much for that idea.