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Hello! I’ve been writing ever since I was little, but never considered it a career until 2009. Probably due to the amount of boredom that came with my job. I love mexican food-actually, I just plain love food. And I dance when I eat out of sheer elation due to yumminess. I have a love/hate relationship with jogging and weight lifting. Why? Because I live in Florida…yay heat (note the sarcasm). I am obsessed with 30 Seconds to Mars, Tobuscus, and all things mixed media. I love to laugh and make silly music videos with my friends. I also believe in magic.

The picture to my left is the day I signed my contract with my publisher. Oh snap!

Now to my writing career.

I began dreaming up characters in 2009 that would one day mold my first novel, Born in Flames. Then I met my best friend who shared the same passions and pushed me to go for my dreams. Through lunch breaks and late nights after putting my kids to bed, I built a world where I could escape the ever-pressing days of an eight to five Purgatory. I found my calling in life and knew that this was more than dancing on Broadway could’ve ever meant to me.

Once complete in 2010, I began the grueling process of finding a publisher. With relentless determination, I was finally able to realize my dream in December of 2011 when 48fourteen offered me a contract. With a HUGE yes and a happy dance, I now continue my Trilogy while waiting for the big day of being published.

Here are some pictures that best describe me:

I love coloring my hair. So far I have tried, pink, apple red, and this to the left-red fading into yellow. I’ve thought about blue…









My husband always stops for turtles.









I have an art journal.




And lastly:




I love butterbeer! Yay for living in Florida and near Universal. Harry lives on!

156 thoughts on “♥ About ♥

    • Hello, Candace. I wanted to say thank you so much for everything you did on my most recent blog post. I am still getting used to the whole blogger thing and how to make it look good and so on. Again, many thanks and many blessings to you.

      David E. Barnett

  1. Hi Candace – thanks so much for liking one of my posts! :) Also, congrats on getting hooked up with a publisher (and, hence, joining the mighty ranks of being a published author). Thanks again for stopping by!

  2. Thanks for liking my blog post! I’ve got a pink and midnight blue fringe with black hair at the moment, and it’s amazing! I would recommend blue defiantly!

  3. Candace, thanks for visiting graduworks!
    Haven’t read your book yet… grad work, ya know?
    yet, I can say I’m also Bourne in flames ;-)

    Ta, Susan

  4. very nice to meet you Candice
    David in Maine USA

    your husband is a brave barefoot warrior with a monkey-wrench (that is a Snapping Turtle!)

    • Lol…that is only the beginning…he also wrestles alligators in our pond out back. *Shakes head*

      He enjoyed that description. Brave barefoot warrior. Almost sounds like an Indian tribal name.

      Nice to meet you too by the way.

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  6. Great Blog! It’s nice to meet you! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am so envious you live so close to Harry Potter world lol. I want to go so bad. If you ever need a reviewer, look me up :)

  7. Just curious, what is in Universal’s butter beer? Going there next Spring and was wondering. Thanks for checking put my blog, following yours now. Good luck with the publishing!

  8. Congrats to you and thanks for the like on my blog post! I’ll keep my eye out for your books. Best of luck from another hair-colour-obsessed writer-since-childhood. Cheers!

  9. Really enjoyed reading your blog. Thank you for stopping by my neck of the woods. Congratulations on your contract!! Look forward to seeing your book published, in the near future :)

  10. Wowzer, I’ve only just started my blog today and you’ve already found me! Ta! (That’s how they say “thanks” in New Zealand!) All the best creating new and a magnificent worlds in your words…

  11. Hi Candace,
    Thanks for taking time out to visit my blog. I see that you are also a fellow writer, and I wish you all the best with your endeavors. I also like your blog, and I am gonna follow it :)


  12. Hello, Candace! I myself have never consider writing a career, I guessI’m already fulfilled by just being a blogger . However, it makes me the happiest to hear about people like you, who manage to make a career out of it – I know how hard it is, so congrats’. And thank you for the like on my last post, it means a lot :)

    • Thanks Isabella! That’s so sweet! I’m surprised you haven’t made a career of it with all of your achievements! You are highly educated. Very impressive! I bet you have a hidden talent for it up your sleeve!

  13. Hi. Thanks for liking my post. You have a very cool blog. I wish you all the best in life and in your writing career.
    Thanks again,
    P.S. If you ever want your books reviewed on my blog, just let me know. Have a wonderful day!!!

  14. Hi Candace,
    This is a great story, I love “how I became a writer” stories!

    –Thanks for stopping by Whimsically Yours, I appreciate your visits, and liking my post How do you know when your MS is ready to query? :)

  15. Thanks for liking my post. I just stopped by 48fourteen and saw your novel already posted on their site! So exciting… many congrats. I’m excited to read it and look forward to more of your writing here!

    • Yeah they put it up right after the cover art was finished. Now we’re just waiting on me to finish going through the last revisions. So nervous and excited (something I say a lot). Thanks for stopping by!

  16. Hi Candace!
    Thank you for following @Bookfinda blog.
    Happy to know you and I found your blog so interesting – so, I’m your follower and looking forward for more posts to read.
    Best wishes from Bookfinda!

  17. Hello! I just wanted to say that reading your blog has inspired me to keep slogging on with my own novel, even though I have been going through that “No ones ever going to read my work and I’m going to be a failure” period that a lot of aspiring authors seem to be burdened with. Good luck with Born in Flames, the cover looks amazing and I’m so glad you’re getting published!

  18. Just wanted to quick leave a comment for kristinapui. I wrote two novels just for the love of it before I tried to bother shopping them around. I got nothing.
    Wrote something in a different genre that I was really proud of, thinking it would be easier to sell. Got some genuine interest, a request for a partial, but nothing further. I was most inspired by a rejection letter from some tool that said my novel ‘didn’t sufficiently interest him enough to offer representation’. At that point, I figured, who is he to hold the keys to my ability to publish my novels?
    I found Amazon’s Kindle program and have published four novels through it. I was apprehensive like you at first, figuring maybe my family and a few Facebook friends would buy copies. I was absolutely blown away when they caught on, people bought them, and now I have a steady (albeit very modest) stream of sales.
    So, if you enjoy writing, to hell with worrying about whether you’re going to find the right audience. Write a great novel, publish it yourself, and you’ll be surprised by how it can catch on! Also, in the end, the sense of accomplishment from making that first sale is completely worth the “nobody will read this” period we all go through! :-)
    By the way, what sort of novel/genre are you writing?

  19. In reply to Ryan, thanks for the vote of confidence! I think I’ll do the same online publishing scenario once I finish the novel, because you’re right – I’m writing because it’s what I love doing, not because it matters how many people will read it. Selling it would be a great bonus, but if I’m going to have the drive to finish it I had better remember why I started in the first place. It also helps seeing other people who have actually gotten to where I want to be. I feel ready to write again (: My novel is centered in the young adult mainstream fiction genre, but I have added my own twist to it so that it’s original and something I enjoy creating, not just a regurgitated teen novel.

  20. Hi, Candace! Thanks for liking some of my posts on Bookin’ It. I’m having fun looking around your blog, too. Hey, we might be neighbors. I live in central Florida, too. And I always get turtles (and snakes) out of the road, as well. Congratulations on making your dreams come true!! I wish you the very best in your writing endeavors.

  21. Wow, you sound like a really fun person and we seem to have a lot in common. I’ll definitely be subscribing to your blog. Good for you about getting a publisher too. Can’t even dare to imagine my reaction when I finally get mine :))

  22. Hi! I just nominated you for “The Beauitful Blogger Award”. I think it’s well deserved! The rules are easy. Thank the person who nominated you.( http://jlroeder.wordpress.com ), tell us 7 things about yourself and nominate 7 other beautiful bloggers! Enjoy :-)

  23. Hi Candace! Thanks for liking my 6 Sunday posts although from memory there were only two or maybe three of them. Apologies, I should put that as a warning in my own bio: Cannot resist telling bad dad-jokes. If you missed it, count yourself lucky. ;) No, don’t go back and read — *Slaps forehead* ;)
    Anyway, congrats on Born In Flames! I always wonder when I hear of someone getting published, will my story be good enough for a publisher? Every like and positive comment I get just makes me keep going harder.
    Thanks again.
    Cheers! :)

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  25. I live in Sanford/Lake Mary, lol. We go to Universal and EPCOT Probably once a month. It’s always a blast. They did an amazong job with the Harry Potter world. I truly felt like I was walking through the book.

  26. Thanks for stopping by and liking my post. I think it’s unique how you worded your follow button to relate to your novel.

    You said a publisher has agree to publish your novel, is there a date set for publishing and are you expecting it to come out in both hardcover and paperback as well as maybe an e-book later on?

    • Of course! Yeah, I’m silly that way. Born in Flames was released in ebook on September 5th actually. It’s available on Amazon, B&N, KOBO, and at my publisher’s site. Paperback should be coming soon…fingers crossed. Thanks for stopping in!!

      • I’m glad B&N was included as I’m getting on of my daughters Nook’s as a gift for Christmas this year. I’ll have to check it out although I may have to wait until spring until I have more money, but we’ll see.

  27. I love your ‘Get to Know Me’ page! I used to live in Florida, too, so I understand your love/hate thingy with the exercising. Anyway, thanks for dropping by my blog and liking my post on the Snowflake Method of building a novel. Your books look interesting – I think I’ll check ’em out! Oh, and I’m following you, now. We Floridians (and ex-Floridians) have gotta stick together, right?

  28. Congratulations on your book! I wish you all the best. I laughed at your husband stopping for turtles…I just returned from my first visit to Florida (my best friend moved there in July) and we saw someone pick up a turtle from the road and carry it back to a pond nearby. Cool. I’m glad you liked my post. Thanks for checking out my blog.

    • No thank you! Yeah, just last night he was leaving for work and found a huge turtle right outside our house (in the road) and ran back inside with it to show our kids lol. He’s a sucker for animals and they are so slow and unaware of the road.

  29. Hi Candace, I am joining the Blog Awards Trail and have nominated you for an award I cannot yet see on your list – VERY INSPIRING BLOGGER AWARD. If you havent seen this yet you can read more about it on my blog, if you have already done this that ok!

  30. Love the picture of your husband “helping” the turtle. I ride a bicycle 150-200 miles a week and have helped my share of turtles cross the tarmac though must are small box/painted turtles and it looks like your husband is coaxing a snapper. He’s the man. Thanks for the like. Blessings~David

  31. For sure–if you haven’t tried blue hair, there’s nothing like it :) About a thousand years ago I had a blue mohawk. I used blue highlight (like the little old ladies used to use…or do they still?), so it was sort of an undertone to my dark brown. Miss that…

  32. Howdy!! How totally cool you are and to think I may not have have discovered you had you not liked my post. Thanks a bundle.

    And congrats on making your writing dreams come true. I am always amazed at how a person can create an entire world and bring it to life with words. I look forward to reading more of your work;)


  33. I am so glad I found your blog. I am a struggling YA author–unpublished. I was on my way, so I thought, and then the bottom fell out. The agent whom I hoped would take me on retired. Both of my parents died within three months of one another. I’m an only child. I don’t want to sound gloom and doom because actually I am probably the quirkiest person you’ll ever meet. I like being happy. But sometimes I’m not. I’m glad I found your blog because it encouraged me.

    • Hey! I am very sorry to hear about your parents. :( I also understand the woes of trying to make it in the publishing industry. Trying to get someone to read your work, let alone an agent, isn’t an easy feat. And then to have it ripped away from you…believe me, I had plenty of requests and hopefuls that panned out to be nothing but letdowns.

      I’m glad that I have encouraged you! You just have to keep going! All the setbacks are there for a reason. To learn from. Keep writing and keep submitting. And if publishers or agents don’t work, then self-publish! There are so many successful self-published authors now. It’s crazy!

  34. You are living my dream! Some day I’ll see my books published… in the meantime, I’m very excited to see that Born in Flames is available for KOBO, because I might be getting one. Definitely going on my “to read” list!

    BTW, if you’re looking for a new hair colour, I can’t recommend purple enough. I had a very flattering colour called Orchid once, and I miss it so much. :)

    (Wow, you do NaNoWriMo too?! Now I really like you)

    • Thank you! Just keep writing and reaching and you will get there! As far as hair goes, I’ve considered lavender, just haven’t tried it yet. Orchid sounds beautiful!

      And yeah, I did NaNo for the first time last year. That will be my next book published after I finish the trilogy. I loved it. It pushed me to write!

  35. Hi Candace! I want to say thank you for visiting my blog, the “like” is much appreciated :)
    Congrats on your published book, I am currently writing a book myself! My friend and I work on it together and we’re in the beta readers and editing process. Gosh… what tedious work writing is… and I’m sure finding a publisher would be twice as hard… I can’t wait to explore more around your blog! I have much to learn :D

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  37. “I am so glad I stopped by your blog. I am amazed by the originality of the work. It is so unique and you have something for everyone to enjoy..you’re truly gorgeous..hugs and love!!

  38. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog and liking my recent post- A letter to my teachers. We’ve got something in common…I also live in Florida. I’m following you to explore more of you blog!

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