NaNo Success!

candacekI completed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Was there a moment when I thought I might not…..umm….more like tons of moments.

But I conquered it with a whopping 50013! Woot!

That being said…it is nowhere near finished. Also, the story completely changed about halfway through, but due to the time constraints I left it all as is to be fixed later. From the Embers will continue to be my main focus until I have time to pick this back up.

What I learned:

  1. I can do something I didn’t know I could do.
  2. I can drink three Red Bulls back to back and not have a heart attack.
  3. I can juggle (literally).
  4. I can get sick and still find it in me to put in some pretty wordage.
  5. People are mean. (Okay so that has nothing to do with NaNo and everything to do with Goodreads…lol)
  6. Letting yourself go is really the best way to write (at least for me.)
  7. A year ago I didn’t even know about this.
  8. My jaw clenches up when I get in the zone…ow.
  9. I can write something other than my trilogy.
  10. It’s okay to believe in myself.

Okay…so those aren’t deeply philosophical points, but I just put in a lot of words today and finished another painting so my mind is beat and my jaw hurts lol.

To everyone else who finished way before me or with an obsene amount of words, congrats. And to those who didn’t finish…don’t worry about it. Putting a thing like this smack dab in the middle of the holidays is a little silly and makes it pretty hard to accomplish. I barely made it. Keep writing. That is all that matters!

Here’s my latest painting:

Dreams 12×12

Side View

And I’m spent. Have a great night everyone!

Echelon out ♥

27 thoughts on “NaNo Success!

      • Heh, yeah lol. It’s not a bad review that bother me…it’s the reviews of those who post a cruel review for laughs. They use vulgarity and such to get their point across.

        Your article is very helpful and puts a different light on the issue itself. So I’m not hugely successful….but even the most successful can have an off day,


      • Crap. Sorry for the double post. Had another tab open. Can you delete this one and the screwed up one?

        And I’m with you about cruel reviews, and I think once you’ve finished something, it’s just impossible to be harsh anymore. Least, it’s that way for me…

  1. Your painting is beautiful, as is your writing. I agree with 5…believe me! I think sometimes people forget that on the other side of that last page of the novel is a breathing, living human being who spent a ton of sweat tears and love into that novel. Then again, people can be mean even if they do realize that!
    Congrats on Nano…I wrote 5,000 words in three hours yesterday of a brand new totally off hand inspired novel…I’m keeping it secret though, except for my family and editor. I think it’s going to be a shocker!

    • Thanks lady! Yeah, it’s not so much the criticism, I can take criticism. I will always have room for improvement and I have learned loads from this experience. It’s the bullies that I have no respect for. I’ve found that a lot of people (not just from my reviews, but reviews I read on other books) take reviewing as some sort of sport where they have to come up with the cleverest punchline at someone else’s expense.

      How exciting about the new writing. Too bad it’s top secret now that you have me curious lol. Just started your novel and am sucked in!

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