A Street Team Giveaway!!

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Hello once again, Readers!!! Happy turkey week!! I hope you ate enough to feed an army…I sure did. I’m telling you, this sure has been a crazy month. NaNo has been a constant pull at my attention and I am continuously falling behind and catching back up. It’s a crappy cycle to be stuck in.

It’s all of life’s fault.

But if I combine my NaNo project and the word count in From the Embers, I have surpassed the 50k mark. That wasn’t my goal though. I still have time to finish on time…I hope. My current word count is 33k for Starfall. I have high hopes that I will finish in time. I’m not a quitter.

But you didn’t come here just to hear me whine so I digress…

In the spirit of the holiday season (and black Friday craziness), I wanted to do a Street Team giveaway. I currently only have five followers on my FB page for the Street Team. I’m hoping for more because it is a special page just for inside info on the novels and special giveaways.

So if you’re interested in joining and winning a one-of-a-kind necklace, follow the following link and click like: Street Team Little Flames.

Here is the necklace that is up for grabs:

  1. Follow the link and click ‘like’ to become a “Little Flame”.

Easy right? I know… it’s the season to give. The contest will run until I post again and I will notify the winner either through FB or through the blog. I’m hoping to have another post out by next weekend, but you know how that goes. Life happens and the blog suffers for it.

But anyway, I hope to see you there! As soon as my edits are in for Embracing the Flames, I want to share an excerpt on the page. Hope the crowd is bigger than five lol. I have big plans and little time.

Happy Holidays!!!

Echelon out ♥

 P.S. This is what I would look like if I were a dinosaur. Courtesy of Universal lol. Hmmm… ;)

15 thoughts on “A Street Team Giveaway!!

  1. I only have FB pages for each of my 5 books. Good luck with the giveaway. By the way “Born in Flames” is the next book to read in my reading list. Looking forward to it. Have a great last week of craziness.

  2. I’ve decided that we are having turkey for Xmas this year (which is traditional here in the UK) – i’m quite looking forward to all of the cooking, though probably not the washing up – do you think i may be able to get away with ‘Well i did the cooking its your turn to do the washing up?’ – but what is this Black Friday everybody keeps on mentioning? I haven’t a clue ….

    • lol I think so. If you cook a big dinner you definitely shouldn’t be stuck with the dishes. But it usually works out that way, doesn’t it? Lol. Black Friday is a nationwide sale that goes on in just about every store here. They all offer really good deals for a short amount of time. Usually starts close to midnight on Thursday night and lasts through Friday afternoon. Depends on the store I guess. And then there’s Cyber Monday which is the internet version of Black Friday.

  3. Hello, I liked your FB page! Your book sounds really good, and I can’t wait to read it. :-)

    I tried Nano last year and the year before that, but never could get beyond 16,000 words. :-( (though I did manage to finish one Nano novel later). I didn’t try it this year since I was already working on a novel, so didn’t think I would have the time or discipline.

    Btw, I like your turkey pic. :-)

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