I’ve Been Released…From Captivity!

Hello once again Readers!!! Wonder where I’ve been?…

You see what happened was…I was abducted by a gorilla. But not just any gorilla. This was like King Kong’s son’s brother’s nephew.

He’s to your left <—.

You’re probably thinking (because I am secretly psychic and can read ALL of your minds muhahaha), “WHAT!?”

I know…me too. I woke up in this Jurassic Park-type place deep inside a cave. Without a Red Bull I might add.

Of course the first thing I did was scream. Classic must-do for any girl who has been abducted by a gorilla. And because I had no Red Bull…

So anyhow. Yeah, there I was, stuck inside this cave with this massive gorilla that possibly wanted to eat me. I sighed, stood up, then asked him, “Umm…excuse me Mr. Kong Descendant, are you going to eat me?”

He didn’t answer. He just angrily beat on his chest.

“Rude,” was my next comment (under my breath of course).

I plopped onto the ground in a fit of defeat. I figured I would just be stuck forever inside this stinky cave with an even stinkier gorilla, but when I called him rude, he stood up and started beating his chest again.

“So you understand english then?” I guessed. He beat himself some more. I smiled as the thoughts began to swirl in my head.

Every time I speak to him…he beats himself.

You can probably guess what came next…

I had lot’s to say and even more to think out. So why not talk about Born in Flames?

I rambled and rambled and pestered and questioned him until he was blue in the face…literally. He had beat himself to death. I knew this because he suddenly stopped beating himself and staggered around as if he were drunk. Then he tripped over a rock, smacked his head against the cave wall, spun around on his heel (by this time I was thinking, “Get it over with already.”) and then finally, he paused, grimaced at me, and then fell face first.

I poked him with my toe, just to make sure. He didn’t move.

How’s that for an ending? Not much…I know. So it didn’t really end there then. I had to get out of the cave still and make it back to my bestie’s in time so we could mail the poster for Leah off to Canada. After running around in circles, I stopped, remembering something.

This is your cue to ask, ‘What?”

It was simple really. Something you probably would never have guessed (and a bit cliché).

I woke up.

I had been dreaming that whole time! Can you believe it?

Me either.

The good news is…I’m back! I’m here and I’m ready to rumble. There’s no gorilla that could stop me!

And now that I have wasted your time, I’d like to offer you a truce for hanging in there. How about another giveaway to celebrate my release party this Saturday (09/15/2012). How does (for those of you who have read Born in Flames), a replica of the Oraculus for you to write your own destiny in sound?


Here’s how you win:

Post a link back to your review posted on either Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads, or 48fourteen.com in a comment box below. The review has no requirements, just your honest thoughts on the book. I will once again use the randomizer to select the winner and ship it off to wherever you are in the world. Contest ends Monday (09/17/2012).

Sound good?

Awesome, now to leave you with a question: What would you do if you were left in cave with a crazed gorilla?

Echelon out ♥

26 thoughts on “I’ve Been Released…From Captivity!

  1. Just bought your book! Now I just need some time to read it. As soon as I do will leave a review. Bought it from Amazon for Kindle pc. Otherwise my ereader is a sony. But I got it! Yeah me! Looking forward to the good read.

    • Looks like the review is working… Got this email from Amazon just a few minutes ago.

      A customer just told us your review was helpful to them while shopping on Amazon.

      Born in Flames

      Great First Novel
      September 12, 2012
      Share your review

  2. It wasn’t real?? It was a dream??? Maan who would have thought?? You can’t believe anything these days… But it was the most original execution i’ve ever heard lol You cracked me up!

  3. Nah, twas no dream! Youv’e obviously been back to Universal and had too many butter beers! After which you probably went off to covene with the dragons! I knew there was something special in that butter beer and I want some more too! Best wishes for the book, am soon going to get it on my Kindle, Amazon are finally releasing the Kindle Fire in the UK and mine is pre-ordered, yours wil be the first e-book on it!

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