April Fools…09-06-2012 Is The New Release Date

Hello once again Readers!!! So I guess I got you right!? My publisher emailed me late last night and said the release date has been pushed back to Thursday! So 09-06-2012 is the new date which gives me more time to get things in order! I still have to write-up a press releases and then contact the various papers and radio stations. Hopefully they will be in my favor!

But the giveaway is still in effect. I will choose on Thursday instead of today, and contact the winner Thursday night! To your left are the posters that I have!!! Eeek!

Thank you all for hanging in there and I will be blogging again on Thursday to announce the release and pick one lucky winner! The road to publishing is a bumpy one!

That being said, Echelon out ♥

15 thoughts on “April Fools…09-06-2012 Is The New Release Date

  1. I thought I had the control to set my own publishing date as I was self-publishing my novel…until the week before the announced date when I found in the small print that each of the venues I was publishing thru had separate 12-72 hour releases once I hit the publish button. So I lost three days of my prep time adjusting my last-minute formatting to compensate for the staggered review time so they would all be out on the same date. Screwed myself real good that week. I swear I didn’t sleep at all. I hope you take better care of yourself than I did!

  2. Congratulations! It looks great! Like Michael, I realized the turn-around times were all different with self-publishing. Unlike Michael, I didn’t try to organize it! (I should, but that’s one more step of organization than I can manage!)

    • I am clueless to all these dates since my publisher handles it all. I just go by what she says lol. She had two other projects before mine that she was working on so it’s been a hectic two weeks.

      Thanks for the congrats! I just can’t wait to begin the next part of this journey!

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