Six…no wait…Eight Sentence Sunday!

Hello once again Readers!!! What’s that? Yes, you’re absolutely right! That is a painting I just did for my mother’s birthday. If you can’t guess, it’s a whimsical take on dandelions. Ahhhh…

But I digress.

I’m breaking the rules on this lovely, wet Sunday and adding an extra TWO sentence to Six Sentence Sunday. Ah well, let’s just hope I don’t get struck down by the Writing Gods.

So let me not waste your precious time and get to the goodies. You will now behold another eight sentences from Embracing the Flames-my current WIP.

I didn’t need to open my eyes to know that he was nearby. That gift was a part of the curse that bound us together. I could feel his taint prickling along my skin, evoking a shudder as I pushed myself up to sit.

My eyes instantly watered over as the paralyzing pain of my wound shot throughout me. My blood was everywhere. I stumbled forward, swallowing the bile that threatened to release and dragged myself across the orange clay. My vision wavered, only adding to the nausea that brought me to my knees.

But if I wanted to survive, I needed to keep moving.

And scene.

So for this particular blip, Aurora has been ported to where Zordon is due to a certain connection they have. (You must read to find out how and why they are connected). When she awakes, she instantly knows the danger she is in. She has already been wounded by a Necromancer before she ported which has made her weak. Zordon is avidly seeking her out and placed a bounty on her head. If he sees her, he will surely kill her. And just as she feels him without seeing him, he feels her presence as well.

These are my absolute favorite scenes to write. The novels are set in first-person so the connection between them allows me to write Zordon’s perspective, which in turn, shows the darker side of Aurora. These rare moments where they come face to face are all key elements to the bigger picture-the third and last novel to the trilogy. Hopefully I will be finished with the edits to Embracing the Flames soon so I can start writing the third. Eeek!

Now to leave you with a question: Have you ever been in a sticky situation that you knew was nearly impossible to get out of it? If so, how did you manage to get away? (This can be a fictional answer too. Sometimes it’s fun to pretend. ;))

As always, stay thirsty my friends…wait…that’s a certain commercial’s line, oh well…Echelon out ♥

16 thoughts on “Six…no wait…Eight Sentence Sunday!

  1. It’s wet were you are too? The crickets are out in full force now–perfect time to write. I loved this scene–although I have no clue what any of that stuff means!

    • Yeah…I wish I could share.more because I know it’s confusing with taking excerpts to the second when the first isn’t out. Bleh. Hopefully soon though!

      And yeah, I live in Florida. The sky opened up around two. It is the perfect time to write!

  2. I really like your painting! I enjoy that it is whimsical and I’m sure that your mom will love it! The excerpt is also fascinating and I am really looking forward to whenyour stories come out. Please keep us all posted on when that will be happening! I have to just keep checking back…for some reason I’m not getting notifications when you post something new. I haven’t figured out how to fix it yet, either.

  3. Absolutely lovely! Teeny tiny snippets of stories make me happy and inspired. Thank you for this.

    As to your question. I once, when I was still a virgin, went home with a Moroccan man I met at Pleasure Island… All I’ll say about the matter right now is that I survived and did not get raped. I’ll probably be posting the tale on my blog as a writing sample as I used the evening as inspiration for an assignment in a memoir writing class some years ago. Just need to rewrite it first.

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