When the end is really the beginning…

  Hello once again Readers!!!

Guess who’s escaping from Purgatory in a few weeks!!! This girl!!!! *Happy dance with a penguin shuffle*

Though I must say the circumstances that have led me to my escape weren’t without sacrifice or even a hard slap in the face. *Ow* But really, when does fate ever let you take the fork in the road without any bumps? Hardly ever! And I think it’s because you must learn a life lesson before you can proceed to the next level in life. (Yes I play too many video games). But not to worry, because I hurdled those bumps like Free Willy jumping for freedom and quite honestly, for once in my life…I feel like I am finally on the right path. It’s like, I’ve weathered this wicked storm and then the clouds part, suddenly giving way to the most beautiful sunset you could ever imagine. Kind of like the one in the picture above.

But the real magic lies in what comes after the sun rests its head. Stars! Vast, endless, sparkling stars that take your breath away and promise the return of another day or in other words my future (at least I hope). My bestie and I are going to plunge forward with our art business Fae Tis Moor. I can’t tell you how excited I am to finally be able to let the creativity flow without interruptions as well as having more free time to write! But the icing on the cake will be all the precious moments I get back with my children. *Tear*

So that’s currently where I’m at this week. A big change from last week. I’m still plunging away at the keyboard day after day trying to wrap up the first draft of my second novel to the Born in Flames Trilogy. I am now nineteen chapters in-WHAT! I know…I’m keeping a good pace. Hopefully the evil spider from last week will keep its distance from me. *Wink*

I’m keeping it short this week so I can keep writing and am hoping that next week I will have more exciting news to share. Maybe something about Born in Flames?! Who knows where fate will take me next? And on that note my question for this week is: What big leap are you looking to take and how are you planning your escape?

That being said-Echelon out ♥ 

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