When the end is really the beginning…

  Hello once again Readers!!!

Guess who’s escaping from Purgatory in a few weeks!!! This girl!!!! *Happy dance with a penguin shuffle*

Though I must say the circumstances that have led me to my escape weren’t without sacrifice or even a hard slap in the face. *Ow* But really, when does fate ever let you take the fork in the road without any bumps? Hardly ever! And I think it’s because you must learn a life lesson before you can proceed to the next level in life. (Yes I play too many video games). But not to worry, because I hurdled those bumps like Free Willy jumping for freedom and quite honestly, for once in my life…I feel like I am finally on the right path. It’s like, I’ve weathered this wicked storm and then the clouds part, suddenly giving way to the most beautiful sunset you could ever imagine. Kind of like the one in the picture above.

But the real magic lies in what comes after the sun rests its head. Stars! Vast, endless, sparkling stars that take your breath away and promise the return of another day or in other words my future (at least I hope). My bestie and I are going to plunge forward with our art business Fae Tis Moor. I can’t tell you how excited I am to finally be able to let the creativity flow without interruptions as well as having more free time to write! But the icing on the cake will be all the precious moments I get back with my children. *Tear*

So that’s currently where I’m at this week. A big change from last week. I’m still plunging away at the keyboard day after day trying to wrap up the first draft of my second novel to the Born in Flames Trilogy. I am now nineteen chapters in-WHAT! I know…I’m keeping a good pace. Hopefully the evil spider from last week will keep its distance from me. *Wink*

I’m keeping it short this week so I can keep writing and am hoping that next week I will have more exciting news to share. Maybe something about Born in Flames?! Who knows where fate will take me next? And on that note my question for this week is: What big leap are you looking to take and how are you planning your escape?

That being said-Echelon out ♥ 

Caught in the Writer’s Block’s web

Hello once again Readers!!!

I’ve crawled out from under my rock just so I could write a quick blog about my progress. I’m about 18 chapters deep into my second novel and a little over halfway done. Woohoo! I’m still working on a title for it though. Juggling (and not in the literal sense) has become a trade that I’m quite good at-which brings me to the topic I wanted to blog about…

Writer’s Block

Ugh. Those two words have the power to make me cringe as if I were watching a spider skitter along the floor in front of me. It’s as real and just as deadly as a spider and it has graced me with its presence a lot lately. I’ve come to fear it as much as I fear the creepy-crawlies, so I’m going to refer to Writer’s Block as a “spider”.

Something so tiny and practically invisible (like the web) can be strung out overnight and create a seamless barrier that you get stuck in-similar to running out of fresh ideas. As the “spider” inches toward your tangled body, things like self-doubt and hopelessness begin to appear in the growing world of your novel. You try to brush aside the fact that you are on the brink of losing it all, thinking that by denying it, it will go away. But the inevitable happens and the “spider” bites you! Now you are left wondering, what next. Or even, what was I thinking.

Not to fear! I have found the antidote for Writer’s Block!

Whenever I feel the wall or the “bite” of  Writer’s Block, I step away and vent to my bestie. I never write when I’m upset or when I’m tired. The quality just isn’t the same when your heart’s not in it. And it’s going to happen to you every now and then. Try going for a walk to clear your mind or even taking a warm, relaxing bath. Bounce ideas off a good friend, your spouse, or someone who reads often and is interested in your genre of writing. If that doesn’t work, pick up a book and get lost in someone else’s world for a bit. Let the pressure of it all go, and then maybe approach it a few days later. You will get through it!

Honestly, there are so many different perceptions in the blogging world on how Writer’s Block can be overcome and all of them offer really good advice. This blog will probably become just another one of those. The important thing is that it can be overcome, no matter how you do it.

If you have any thoughts on how to smoosh the evil “spider”, post a comment below! And share this with your friends so they can offer even more advice. I hope this has helped inspire you!

That being said-Echelon out ♥