Cover Reveal: From the Embers by Candace Knoebel



Hello once again, readers!!!

Are you freaking ready??

Like really ready?

I am! Have been for like ever now!

It’s time for the cover reveal for the final installment of the Born in Flames Trilogy! From the Embers being released next Wednesday!!! January 29th, 2014. The blog tour will start then as well, so make sure you sign up at the bottom. It’s greatly appreciated. There are still tons of spots open.

So enough talking! Here it is:


I am the Progeny. The one deemed to carry this weight. The weight of knowing too much. Of knowing there is a darkness in me. Of knowing that even The Fates can screw things up.
Aurora Megalos knew becoming the Progeny meant great sacrifice, but what she wasn’t prepared for was sacrificing herself. Since the day of her birth, she has been set on a path she couldn’t control; a path conceived by The Fates. And after discovering she is mortally connected to her Arch Enemy Zordon-a son of a Fate, Aurora is now left with a path that seems hopeless.
Until she discovers a revelation in the prophecy.
With war on the horizon, she must now find a way to defeat the one who threatens to take everything and everyone she has ever loved from her, without destroying herself. The barrier between both realms is broken, The Fates have been overrun by Zordon, and his darkness now spreads throughout the lands. The odds are stacked against her. Will Aurora and Fenn find a way to undo the work of The Fates in time to save the realms from complete destruction?
And don’t forget about the sale! The first two in the trilogy are still on sale!
From the Embers Sale
I’ll be sharing the first two chapters tomorrow!
Echelon out ♥

Embracing the Flames Print Version.

embracing2_fullHello once again, readers!

You heard right! Embracing the Flames is now available in print! You can order from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, 48fourteen, or me personally! I’m still waiting for my shipment to come in the mail. It should be any day now. But in the meantime, I also have physical copies of Born in Flames, book one in the trilogy for sale. I am selling them for $12 + shipping and it includes the signed copy, plus two bookmarks. If you’re interested, you can find my contact information in the ‘Get to know me’ section on my page.

Here are the links:

Born in Flames Amazon

Embracing the Flames Amazon

Also, I will be holding a giveaway here soon. Keep a look out for that. :)

That being said, Echelon out ♥


Born in Flames Playlist


photo credit: Fey Ilyas via photopin cc

Hello once again, Readers!!!

Let’s start this baby off with a quote today.

“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent” ― Victor Hugo

How do you like that….huh…huh? Powerful stuff right?

I know, which is why I am writing about music today or more specifically, about the playlist for my novel, Born in Flames.

I love music. It is the single most powerful art form that moves me. The next would be dance, and then paintings… I digress.

Every note, every key, it all pulls me to a place that is indescribably beautiful. A place where words are never enough. Only the sound of the music and the way it makes you feel on the inside. Exactly like what a good book does. And when I think of my story and try to sum it up, the emotional part of it I mean, there are a few songs that hit home. So this would have to be the playlist for Born in Flames.

  1. Active Child – Hanging On.
  2. Florence + The Machine – Drumming Song.
  3. Christina Perri – Arms.
  4. The Knife – Heartbeats.
  5. 30 Seconds to Mars – Alibi.
  6. The Xx – Shelter.
  7. Paramore – Adore.
  8. M83 – Another Wave From You.
  9. Mutemath – You Are Mine.
  10. Blondfire – Walking With Giants.
  11. Ellie Goulding – I Know You Care.
  12. Gary Jules – Mad World.

And scene.

Some you may now and some you may not. I love them all. Each song fits a specific scene and the lyrics all relate somehow to the characters and what they are going through. The fun part would be listening to it as you’re reading Born in Flames, and trying to figure out what song pertains to what.

Now to leave you with a question: If you’ve read Born in Flames, do you have any song suggestions to add to the playlist?


I don’t know how many of you are Game of Thrones and Dexter fans, but I sure am. Like mad crazy. When I saw this, I died laughing. Okay, well maybe I didn’t die, but you can imagine my delight!

















Echelon out ♥

‘Born in Flames’ Is Now Available On KOBO


My publisher has added Born in Flames to the KOBO network! Ibooks will be coming soon as well, and then hopefully print!!!

Echelon out ♥

How To Deal With Stress…


Hello once again Readers!!! What’s that? You like the Lord of the Rings inspired castle I built out of Legos? Me too! It took me a good three years of my if to put that sucker together…






Hahaha. I didn’t build that, silly! Psh…my attention span is this big: __

And besides:

I digress.

So I wanted to talk about something serious. As serious as being stuck in a rut. It’s called: STRESS.

I know…so scary, but I have come to face this Evil Demon in the past few weeks. It became do or die really. Make it or break it. Take it or leave it…..something like that?

Any who, so yes, this Evil Demon came at me headfirst, raring to go. I was like, “Woah there, Evil Demon. I think thou hast not thought this through. You don’t know who you’re messing with.”

He took a step back, intrigued by my boldness.

I that opportunity to explain to him that aint nothin’ gonna breaka my stride.

Not even his foul stench. He sniffed at himself and shrugged in agreement.

But that’s not the point. The point is, I came away from that confrontation with some new tips on how to deal with the Evil Demon also known as Stress. There really are ways…and they aren’t your typical find-it-in-some-big-fat-book-that-only-makes-you-even-more-stressed kind of tips.

Let’s dive in to the goodies…shall we?

  1. Dance like a madman. I know. Crazy, but effective. Even if you can’t dance…turn a really good song on and go at it! By the end of it, you won’t even remember what you were stressed about.
  2. Eat a juicy hamburger. After all that dancing, hell, you deserve it! You can’t top a good burger. You really just can’t! And if you don’t like burgers…get the heck outta here. You’re crazy!
  3. Take a nap. Yep. You read that right. Sleep! All those carbs you just consumed and dancing you did…you are bound to be sleepy. And some sleep might do you some good!
  4. Dream big! Well, you should be sleeping at this point. So why not dream of the solutions to make your Stress disappear? Better yet, forget dreaming of a solution. Dream of something better, like flying to a far away place where waiters wait on you hand-and-foot and bills don’t exist!
  5. Face reality with courage. Okay, so you’ve danced, ate, slept, and dreamed. You are perfect and ready to go. Remember that. After the rain, there is always sunshine…always. It may not be when you want it, but it will be..when the time is right. So always wear your game face.

Okay Readers, feel better? I sure do. I am stress-free and full of hope. The future is always going to be there. It’s not going anywhere, so you can count on it. When you feel a bit stressed, remember these tips. There is always and up to a down. A left to a right. A back to a front…so on and so forth.

And now that I’ve rambled, I digress to some news on, Born in Flames.

Blog Tour number one went fantastic. I received lots of awesome reviews and did fun things like character interviews and author interviews. I am working on a new page to add to this blog that will feature those special times in my life.

I was also featured by So Lee Writes on an Author Spotlight segment that she is implementing into her blog. It was a lot of fun and I am very grateful for the time she spent doing this for me. Make sure you show her some love!

That’s it for now Little Flames!

Until next time, Echelon out ♥