My First Scuba Adventure.

581774_453068218125098_1657927492_nHello once again, readers!

What’s that? Is that an alien from another planet I am holding in my orange-handed steel grip?

Why no…it’s not, actually. It’s a freaking lobster! And I am going to eat him!

That’s right…you heard me. I spent the past four days out in the middle of the Keys putting my newly acquired scuba skills to the test! And boy was I successful! I conquered my fear of being eaten by a shark and battled these blasted alien lobsters right out of their little holes in the bottom of the ocean and right into my little bag clipped to my BCD.

Man that was a long sentence.

Any who, it was a wonderful experience. We not only caught a ton of lobster, but we found an old spear gun, a couple of glass bottles, a diver flag and a weight belt. I saw many lion fish, grouper, brain coral, schools of little fish, eels, of course lobsters and other things that I didn’t know but stayed cleared from.

But most importantly, I gained a little more self-confidence. I proved to myself that I am capable of way more that I thought I was.

But I digress…

Here are some pictures from the trip:


An old Diet Pepsi bottle I snagged.



A warning sign in a gas station.


The sunset at the southern-most tip of America!


A great and very successful day of lobstering!


One of the many Iguanas we saw.


Me and my scuba buddy Chuck about to drop in.


The awesome spear gun we found on one of our dives.

All in all, it was a successful trip. I came away with 14 lobster (my share) but as a group we caught 42. Not bad for my first time. :) Any who, that’s all for now. I can’t wait to tell you about the Bookfest! I sold all of my print copies!!!

Okay… Echelon out ♥


How Do You Say Goodbye?

photo3Hello once again, Readers!!!

I know I have been MIA for some time now, but that is because I have thrown myself into finishing this trilogy. Guess what!? Last night I finally reached that moment where the final two words were written.

The end.


I am beginning to feel separation anxiety. How do I say goodbye to my characters who I have become so close to? How do I move on to another set of characters?

I have my WIP from NaNo just waiting for me to jump back into, and for a while I couldn’t wait to finish this trilogy so I could get back to it, but now that my first draft is complete…ahhh.

There is so much pressure with this one. This is it. There will be no fourth. Every idea, every foreshadow, every minor plot, they all have to come together in an explosion of epicosity. The final battle between good and evil. Deciding their fates from that point on.

When I started this whole idea back in 2009, I had no idea that it would actually get published. I had a faint idea of where the story was going, but never all of this. I approached the second novel with a heavy mind, wondering if I could do it. Would I be able to write another? And I was surprised once again by how easily the words flowed out. The characters took me places that I had never imagined before. They wanted their story told.

Which brings us to the third. From the Embers.

Last night I finished it; the final chapter in Aurora’s story. My heart pounded and my hands shook as I typed those last two words. My throat felt tight. I couldn’t tell if I was delighted or sad. I didn’t know if I wanted to do a happy dance or cry. I thought maybe I was having a bit of a panic attack. So I went to bed.

My characters have literally been put through hell. The story and all its many layers have unraveled, and the ending sentence is dangling before me. Am I being a bit dramatic? Maybe, but this is my first real ending. This was my first project. This idea that sprung to life is what changed my life. I will forever be grateful to these characters for showing me where my path rested in life.

Okay, now I am getting emotional so I need to stop. I still have a ton of editing to do with it. It is, after all, the first draft. I still have many more months to spend working on them between wrapping up and publishing Embracing the Flames, and then getting through my own personal edits and read-throughs to send From the Embers in to my publisher for review.

So it’s not really over yet. I just can’t believe how everything turned out. Bittersweet and definitely not what I had expected in the beginning. I mean that in a good way. To all of my readers, you are in for a surprise. ;)

Any who, that is all for now. Now to leave you with a question: Who’s ready for Game of Thrones!?

Echelon out ♥