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Hello once again, Readers!!! Guess what I have for you? ANOTHER SALE!!!

Yep, you heard right. All 48fourteen novels, including Born in Flames, will be on sale for only 99¢!!!

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I know! What are you waiting for?! Snag your copy now before Embracing the Flames is released which will be within the next few weeks!!!

Is that not enough incentive? Well how about I throw not one, but TWO GIVEAWAYS in the mix!

Head on over to my Facebook page and share the pinned status to be entered to win a Born in Flames necklace, pen, and a copy of both covers!! And when you’re done doing that, head on over to 48fourteen’s Facebook page and share their image to be entered in for a bunch of goodies as well!!

Oh…and HAPPY FREAKING MEMORIAL DAY!!! Thoughts go out to all the men and women who fought for our country!

Echelon out ♥

Review and Interview With Elizabeth Guizzetti

Other_Systems BlogTourSquareHello once again, Readers!!! Guess who’s back on my blog!! That’s right!!! Elizabeth!! To celebrate the release of her novel Other Systems in paperback, she is going on a blog tour! I was lucky enough to snag a spot!

So to celebrate, Elizabeth has agreed to do an interview with me:

eguizzettiauthor2For those who might not know you, can you tell them a little about yourself?I am the author and artist of the independent graphic novels Lure and the Faminelands Series. I also illustrated the comic book series Out for Souls&Cookies. Other Systems is my first published novel. I currently live in Seattle with my husband and two dogs, Rosie and Tycho.
I began my career as an artist, but I got into comics, after realizing that painting baby room murals was incredibly boring work. Later when my comic book partner, Maria Masterson needed maternity leave, I wrote my debut novel Other Systems.

What made you want to become a writer?
I always enjoyed telling stories. I decided to become a writer/artist when I was twelve or thirteen.

Tell us a little more about Other Systems.
Basically Other Systems is a story of a young woman’s determination to make a better life for herself. The novel explores the loss of identity, friends and family due to a forced breeding program and time dilation. I also tried to consider the shifts in culture and belief systems, the definition of humanity, and family structure.

Humans have begun to sprawl across the known galaxy, however without an influx of human DNA, the planet Kipos has eleven generations before it can no longer sustain a healthy population. It takes over two centuries to get to Earth and back at near light speed.

Other Systems follows Abby, an Earthling, who sees opportunity in Kipos’s need. After medical, intelligence, and physiological testing, she and her younger siblings, Jin and Orchid, are offered transportation. They leave the safety of their family with the expectation of good jobs, kindhearted spouses, and the opportunity for higher education.

When Abby wakes up on Kipos, Jin cannot be found. Orchid is ripped from her arms as Abby is sold to a dull-eyed man with a sterilized wife. To survive, Abby must learn the differences in culture and language using the only thing that is truly hers on this new world: her analytical mind.

To escape her captors, she’ll join a planetary survey team and discover yet another way of life.End_Nebula

What has been the hardest part of being a writer?
Deciding how to break up my time between writing, drawing, publicity, running the business, and life. Time management is imperative for any self-employed person. I do not find writing or drawing difficult, however marketing my book and comics now takes a huge portion of my day. Also deciding what is good publicity versus what is a waste of time is vital. Interestingly, it is not the same for every author or even every book.
Are any of your characters based on someone you know?
While I was inspired by certain mannerisms, no, they were not based on anyone particular.

Can you tell us a little about what you’re doing right now?
Trying to figure out these answers to this interview…just kidding. I have three projects in the works. A fantasy novel entitled The Martlet which is about assassins who are trying to live forever. The manuscript is finished and is in the process of being shopped around. I am also finishing up a companion novel for Other Systems which right now I am still calling Other Systems #2. This novel focuses on Earth after the Kiposi took people and left space elevators. Finally I am beginning to do the prep work of my next graphic novel which is based on my short story Unintentional Colonists which is scheduled for release Spring of 2015.

Who are your top five Sci-fi heroes?
For this question and the next, I am going to try to stick with science fiction rather than sci-fi/fantasy, because this list is by no means complete.
1) Q—from StarTrek TNG. Wait Wait, before you say he/she/it/they were villains. I disagree. Honestly if Picard was slightly more open-minded they might have even been friends. Picard was willing to give a wide berth to other omnipotent species, but he was constantly judging Q. Yet Q did the very thing that the crew of the Enterprise did when visiting less developed species: he mimicked them. Sure, sometimes he seemed a bit proud, but come on, he was omnipotent! The Q did not help the crew, because they lived by their own “prime directive,” yet on the Q episodes when Picard was close to failure, Q gave hints without giving away the answer. In DS9, when Sisko punched him, Q did not react maliciously though he certainly had the power to. In Voyager, he asked Captain Janeway if she would carry his child, gave her time to think about it, and when she said no, he respected that. (Compare that to the Greek and Roman Myths of Gods impregnating women in order to make demigods.) This is why he gets #1 on my heroes lists.
2) Ripley for the Aliens Series played by Sigourney Weaver. She was one of the first strong female leads in movies.
3) Eleanor Arroway from Contact (Carl Sagen) I enjoyed the movie and the book, but for different reasons.
4) The whole crew of the Serenity, but I loved Firefly (TV show), I only liked the film.
5) Commander/Captain Benjamin Sisko Deep Space 9. Of all the StarTrek captains he was the most fleshed out.

Who are your top five Sci-fi villains?
1) Darth Vader. When I was a kid, he was scary, yet he redeems himself. I love redeemed villains.
2) Aliens, Predators, Aliens versus Predators. It doesn’t matter once they are involved, humans are prey.
3) The Mule from the Foundations Series (Isaac Asimov) A mutant who has the ability to change people’s emotions. He conquers planets simply by visiting them with his own army, instilling great fear, then loyalty to himself.
4) I don’t know if they are “villains” per say since they are not evil after all the war was just due to a misunderstanding. The Formic/Buggers from Ender’s Game (Orson Scott Card) were interesting. There really should be a “just misunderstood” list.
5) Pennywise from It (Stephen King) Tim Curry played Pennywise in the movie rendition which was straight horror, while the book version was more science fiction, either way Pennywise is evil, munches on kids, and poisons a town into complacency.

Part 3_KiposIf you could be any character in your book, who would you be?
Diane Richards. Though her son died of old age when they were on different timelines, Diane has a job that she loves with her best friends. Though not related by blood or marriage to the Alekoses, she is family. Since she is Head of Engineering rather than Captain or XO, she gets to have lots of fun every time they go on shoreleave. She is kind to animals and kids so she takes on an “older sister” role to Abby. She has a pet cat, Rockford. (Or Rockford has a pet human, the relationship is slightly unclear.)
On a side note, many women readers have told me how much they loved seeing a woman who was smart, sexual and yet not predatory in any way.

Plotter or Pantser?
What is the word “or” that you speak of? I do basic plotting and then let the story take over. Sometimes its characters who say, “No, I wouldn’t do that.” Other times, my research pushes the story in a new direction.

Sweet or Salty?
Again another “or” question… I like mixing sweet and salty. Bacon dipped in maple syrup, Popcorn and M&M’s, Pretzels dipped in chocolate. Need I go on?

Favorite color?

Favorite planet?
Earth. It is home and the only home we have right now. However, I would also vote for Jupiter. It is an easy spotting planet from Earth even with the naked eye and its four largest moons can be seen with just binoculars. When Galileo Galilei discovered these moons in 1610, it was a revolutionary idea that the Universe did not revolve either Earth or at least our sun. Once when his observations were confirmed, the idea shifted thinking at least in Western cultures.

Star Trek or Star Wars?
Oh wait, that wasn’t an option. I enjoy Star Trek TNG, DS9, and Wrath of Khan best, but then put in the original trilogy of Star Wars. Then the other Star Trek films, the original Star Trek series. I disliked the Star Wars Prequels. I really disliked Star Trek Voyager after the first series since the writers didn’t seem to know what they wanted to do with the main characters except Janeway was expected to pick up, care for, and teach every random person in the delta quadrant.

Links where you can stalk her:




Barnes & Noble


FB Page

Website with deleted scenes and other extras!

Trailer Links:

Other Systems: Voices from the Stars Trailer

Other Systems: The Stargazer Trailer

Echelon out!!

Casted by Sonya Loveday – Cover Reveal

Hello once again, Readers!!!

Okay, so obviously I am overjoyed about this post today. For those of you who don’t know me yet, Sonya is my very best friend in the whole wide world. We worked Purgatory together for about five years before we decided there was a different road we should be taking. And she is now embarking on her lifelong dream of becoming a published author!!! Eeeeee! I can’t tell you how many years we have waited for this moment. Okay, so maybe I can…five. Five long years she has waited to finally be ready. And now she is!!!

I can’t wait any longer!! Let’s skip the formalities! Ravven did it once again. Check out this amazing cover!!!casted_ebook

“My mind absorbed everything in the spell book I clutched tightly to me. Pages ruffled inside of my head, urging me to remember things and then to forget them. Voices chanted with tempo rising at the breaking points of pain until the book vanished and words to an ancient spell scribed across my arms. Each stroke brought blood to the surface, imprinting words I could not read; words that would forever change who I was.”

Jade had spent the majority of her life running from the Triad. The Triad, are a powerful group, who would stop at nothing to obtain Jade and the missing spell book for leader, Lorenzo’s, nefarious plans. And now that she has absorbed the highly coveted magic contained inside the missing book, there is nowhere left for her to hide.

With the help of her friends, Jade steps out from the shadows and learns how to fight back. But no one is prepared for Elinor-the woman bound inside of the book that’s trapped in Jade’s mind. Now she not only needs to protect herself from the Triad, but from what’s hiding inside her mind as well.

Jade never expected the answer to it all would revolve around love.

Edge is dark, mysterious, and a sworn member of the Triad. He also hides a secret past that threatens the thin line he walks between good and evil. Lives are at stake when Jade and Edge’s two worlds collide. Can Jade learn to trust him when he says he is her pre-ordained and vows to do everything he can to protect her? But more importantly, can she trust herself and the woman in her mind?

The expected publication date is set for June 7th, 2013! You can also add the novel to your TBR list on Goodreads! Now to meet the wonderful, best bestie in the world:


About the Author

Sonya Loveday, first and foremost is a reader, an avid one. It is of that love that brought her to the realization that this was the answer to the nagging persistent feeling that ‘there’s got to be something more’. The dream came alive in 2009 when she purchased her laptop and began the tedious step of becoming a published author. When she’s not reading, she’s writing. When she’s not writing, she’s reading. And when she’s not doing either of those things she’s sleeping, shuttling her children back and forth to school, letting the dogs and cats in and out of the house for the umpteenth time in the last hour and dreaming of a clean house.

You can find Sonya Loveday on:





Be sure to follow this awesome up-and-coming author!!! Much love to the bestie and congratulations on your beautiful cover and for finally making your dreams come true!

Echelon out!


Six Sentence Sunday

Hello once again Readers!! How was your night? Mine was disturbed by a new story idea. Don’t you hate it when that happens? You’re about to drift off into the peaceful abyss of sleep and then someone pops up in your mind. A stranger with a story that must be told. It’s a good thing I keep a notebook next to my bed, because I was really dreading having to get up and walk all the way across the house just to write this person down.

Her name is Clarissa (not sure why yet). I wrote her opening down and tucked myself back into bed. Of course I had to explain to her that there are two other characters in front of her, waiting impatiently for their stories to be told (Aurora and my next project, Ella). She shrugged dismissively and left me to sleep.

But I digress.

So I’ve made it on time today with the Six Sentence Sunday post. Shocking…I know. But hey, there’s a first for everything. I figured I’d share six sentences from Born in Flames since I have yet to do that.

I know…shocking lol.

Shall we?

I was about to yank my arm from her when she suddenly sucked in a hissing breath. I turned to see where she was looking as the room muted and everyone froze, heads pointing to the floor. The air was thick and pungent with fear.

There he was.

My breath caught as my heart slammed against my chest. I couldn’t take my eyes off him and felt a weird pulling sensation towards him. I knew him somehow. Zordon.

Okay, so maybe that was eight sentences…:)

Any who, the “her” Aurora was going to yank her arm from was Eve, the psychic she visits, just so you know. Basically, this is the first time Aurora see’s her arch-enemy Zordon and it’s inside a vision from The Fates that Eve was instructed to help her see. This was inevitably to help her understand her past and who she is. Fun stuff.

So that’s all folks. I know, it’s a really short post today, but it is Sunday after all. I didn’t get as much writing as I would’ve liked to last night, so I think I’m going to do that. Who cares about chores?

Now to leave you with a question: What is your favorite color? Describe it rather than just saying it.

Here’s mine: Swimming towards the surface, just as the rays of light pierce through the crystal clear water in a shimmer of hope, my favorite color emerges through the blending of water and light, offering the pleasure of that first breath that is sure to come: teal blue.

Echelon out ♥

Reviews-An Author’s Do Or Die

Hello once again Readers!!! So I know I have been severely lacking in the posting department, but with good reason I must say. I’ve barely slept since the release of Born in Flames, and for good reason. Marketing, fretting, jumping in excitement, rambling to myself at midnight, working on the finishing touches of the second novel, planning my release party…the list goes on (which doesn’t include normal daily tasks such as feed myself and tend to my children).

It’s been a whirlwind, but one that I wouldn’t give up for anything. And with that, I digress.

So let’s get to the good stuff-my first reviews. Now I have to be honest with you (since you all are my friends), this was the longest, most grueling part of the process for me. Knowing that people were/are reading it and not having a clue as to what they think. I’m sure all my author friends can relate. So when Cassandra posted her review late last night…I had a mental debate on whether or not I wanted to read it (I was scared). Thankfully, Sonya found it first and smoothed it over for me. She even read it to me. If you click on her name it will take you to her review. Which was awesome!

She even left this on my Goodreads profile: “I don’t think I’ve read a book this quickly since Twilight came out, and I found it to be far  above Twilight. I am going to say that it’s the best YA novel I have read this year!”

Can we just say “AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!”

Now of course I don’t think that I could ever be better than Stephanie Meyers…I was so in love with the Twilight Saga, but to hear that meant the world to me! So once again, thank you so much Cassandra. I eagerly anticipate the release of Walking in the Shadows in October!!!

Now on to the blog tour. My first stop was with The Secret Sanctuary of Books. I talked with Andie a little about Born in Flames, and about the Trilogy as a whole. This way readers will know what’s in store for them. The interview went well and I am not only lucky to have them in my corner helping me promote, but pleased with their work and thoughts!! A big shout out to all of you ladies!

The second stop (today) is with Terri’s Book Addiction. This was my first review on the tour (but second review because Cassandra’s came first), so I was literally nauseous. I was so nervous about what she would think and how it would make her feel. So when I checked this morning, I sucked in a deep breath and dove right into reading it (with Sonya on the phone of course). I am pleased to say SHE LOVED IT!

To quote a bit: “When I picked my kindle up with a sigh of defeat thinking “there’s just no way I’m going to get this book read in time”. Then I started reading and knew that this would be a book that I wouldn’t just get through in one day but I had to get through in one day because there was no way I was going to put it down for sleep. So I say to everyone out there who is reading this review: This is one of my favorite books of the year and a 100% MUST READ!!”


I just pray that I don’t wake up from this! All I wanted from this was to take people to a place where the best books have taken me-an escape from reality. And now I’m getting choked up.

So with that being said, once again to all of you, thank you for hanging in there with me and believing in me. Without you, my dreams wouldn’t be a reality. And to all my Little Flames…much ♥. Stay tuned for some really exciting contests to come. Prizes including artifacts from the book. *Hint* Stone of Immortality….;)

Echelon out ♥