How To Use Facebook As An Author In Five Simple Steps.

0427ed2ce6a2b95ad5ff5344b30c39a7Hello once again, Readers!!! How goes it! We are still working on the cover for Embracing the Flames. It has to be perfect! I have also surpassed 50K in From the Embers, so I’d say I am making progress. Woot!

But I digress.

This post is about something I have been experimenting with lately. Building up a Facebook audience. I am a strong believer that not every social media site is for everyone. You have to find what works, and I like Facebook.

But the important question is, does Facebook help you as an author trying to market? YES! If you learn to use Facebook effectively, it really can help you reach a wider audience.

How do I know?

Like most, when I was thrown into the world of being published and needing to market, I found myself sitting in front of my computer lost and confused. But with some effort and research, I have managed to figure some things out. One of which, is how to use Facebook as an author. Through reading, watching, and then actually doing, I can attest that these simple steps work.

It’s really easy. All you need it a little bit of time, devotion, and a leap of faith.

Here are my five steps to success:

  1. Use pictures to connect with your audience. These can be found anywhere. Using pictures is a quick way to connect without having to write anything. It’s pleasing to the eye and it also gives the audience something to share on their page, thus helping you branch out virally.
  2. Ask questions. Be concerned about your audience. Get to know them. They are helping you out just by liking your page, so return the favor by being interested and talking to them. Ask a simple question like: What are you reading? This is an effective way to engage and meet your audience.
  3. Hold giveaways. Everyone loves free stuff. If you are an author, this is a great way to not only get people talking, but to expand your audience and get reviews and such in return. It will also pull in new likes if you target the giveaway to that.
  4. Support other pages and authors. Branching out is easy if you believe in karma. Give and thee shall receive. Whenever you like a page, Facebook has integrated this handy “if you like this, then you may like this” option. Use that to keep finding similar pages that suit your interest and then promote their stuff as well.
  5. Share freebies and other things that spark you. Chances are, your readers will be just as interested, thus keeping them wanting to be a part of your page.

I know, they aren’t super complicated. But that’s the beauty of Facebook. It’s really not that complicated. You just have to decide and then stick to it. Try to post at least once a day. Take around 10 minutes to read through the news feed and comment on others stuff and then promote your stuff.

Hope this helps! If not, do not fret! There are other sites that offer tons of advice. One of my favorites is Author Media. They have tons of posts on how to build your platform.

Any who, now to leave you with a question: What social site has helped you?












Echelon out, Peeps ♥

How To Juggle…Literar-ally…In Five Easy Steps.

404586_303785663062640_671061421_nHello once again, Readers!!! How are you this lovely morning? I am freaking fantastic! I just received the first mock-up for the Embracing the Flames cover! I can’t wait to see the finished product!!! I also found out that the possibility of print is not too far off! It’s in the works!!! *squeal*

But I digress.

With the new year, more opportunities and ideas have flourished. Book three, From the Embers, is almost 50k in! I’m thinking another month or so and I will be ready to start edits! Conventions are being looked at, marketing is being attacked full-force, and another project (the one from NaNo) will be completed!


That’s a lot, right? Sometimes it almost feels impossible or unattainable. But I have a problem with going after the unattainable.


Okay! One of the hardest parts of being a writer (I have discovered) is not being patient (because I have mastered that), but finding balance. I have to balance my home life, squeeze in time for writing, and find time to market. That’s barely touching the scope of daily responsibilities and unprepared-for incidents that occur. It’s not an easy task, but it is doable. And I am here to give you the steps you need to help you along!

  1. Find a caffeinated beverage and STICK with it! Yes *raises hand* I am a Red Bull addict, but only because it gives me wings! How else am I supposed to multi-task?
  2. Speaking of multi-tasking, learn to do just that. Plan your days around things you can do simultaneously that will eliminate time misuse. As a fulltime author, it is not just about locking yourself away and writing non-stop. Unless you have a huge marketing team backing you, you have to be sociable and branch out. Meet new people, extend yourself, help others, ect.
  3. Form a routine. For instance, my mornings are spent researching, marketing, answering emails, and eating a granola bar (with a Red Bull). If I can, I squeeze in a blog post too. Mid-afternoons (nap time for my daughter) is where I shut everything off and zone into writing. Roughly two hours worth. Then I have to grab my son from school. I clean, prepare dinner, and try to fit in exercise around this time (late-afternoon). Then I usually finish up my writing and social media stuff and call it a night. It’s not the best, but it keeps me on point and not feeling scattered.
  4. Take a break if you become overwhelmed. Nothing is more thwarting than feeling tired and bummed out. That is your body’s way of telling you to take a break.
  5. Write! No matter what, you must find time to do this. You must devote yourself to it if you want it to happen.

Point is, balance is something you work for, just like everything else. You have to find it. You have to apply it, even when the unexpected happens. Some of you know this and have probably mastered it, and some of you may be like me, searching through piles of laundry, trying to find it. Don’t give up. Some days will be easy and others will be hard. Isn’t that what balance is all about?

Now to leave you with a question: How do you deal with stress and writing?


















Echelon out, Peeps ♥