Six Sentence Sunday

309333_458000420924510_672583044_nHello once again, Readers!!! It appears as if my sister and I are in a fierce, roaring battle. Who do you think will win?? I have dibs on myself because, well, I am me and I know that I am louder. And more cunning…even though that has nothing to do with roaring…

Okay…so we were just taking a bunch of silly photos while playing a board game. It’s what we do. We’re weird like that. But in my defense…TV can be boring and there haven’t been any good scary movies out lately (I’ve seen almost every one that’s out, so I know).We had to think of something to do.

And yes, this is what we came up with lol.

But I digress.

It’s been a while since I have partaken in Six Sentence Sunday. You already know why from my previous posts. Holidays and NaNo and *cough* pure laziness. Needless to say, I am excited to share six sentences from Embracing the Flames!!! I spoke to my publisher last night about the cover and what I had in mind, so I’m waiting to hear her ideas. She said we will have one by the end of the month. Woot!

I seriously can’t wait to see it!

Any who, without further adieu….shall we?

“I thought you were helping Astral,” I said stiffly.

“I was, but then I heard you say my name,” he answered with a cocky grin.

“How did you hear that from over there?”

He almost smiled. “I will always hear what you have to say, Rory. It’s one of the perks of you being part dragon.”

“Wait-what?” I coughed, confusion coloring my tone.

He brushed my hair behind my ears, his eyes burning with love. My mind went a bit dizzy.

“I read it in a book. Dragons take one mate for life-a soul mate of sorts.” He began to walk around me. “Whether you like it or not,” he said over my shoulder, his breath warming the skin of my neck, “you have already chosen me.”

Again with breaking the rules!!!! I know, I know. This is like 14 sentences. But I had to…it’s one of my favorite moments between Aurora and Fenn. Basically, Aurora is upset about a tiff between them both and says his name under her breath. When he appears at her door, asking her what she wants, she is baffled that he heard her. She hasn’t yet learned all of her capabilities that come with being a dragon. But since he’s had so much time in this realm, he’s read up on dragons. Thusly, his explanation about how she just can’t resist him-even when she’s mad.

So what’d ya think?

Now to leave you with a question: What’s for dinner? I stewed chicken with a side of noodles. Yum.











Echelon out ♥

Six Sentence Sunday

Hello once again Readers!! How was your night? Mine was disturbed by a new story idea. Don’t you hate it when that happens? You’re about to drift off into the peaceful abyss of sleep and then someone pops up in your mind. A stranger with a story that must be told. It’s a good thing I keep a notebook next to my bed, because I was really dreading having to get up and walk all the way across the house just to write this person down.

Her name is Clarissa (not sure why yet). I wrote her opening down and tucked myself back into bed. Of course I had to explain to her that there are two other characters in front of her, waiting impatiently for their stories to be told (Aurora and my next project, Ella). She shrugged dismissively and left me to sleep.

But I digress.

So I’ve made it on time today with the Six Sentence Sunday post. Shocking…I know. But hey, there’s a first for everything. I figured I’d share six sentences from Born in Flames since I have yet to do that.

I know…shocking lol.

Shall we?

I was about to yank my arm from her when she suddenly sucked in a hissing breath. I turned to see where she was looking as the room muted and everyone froze, heads pointing to the floor. The air was thick and pungent with fear.

There he was.

My breath caught as my heart slammed against my chest. I couldn’t take my eyes off him and felt a weird pulling sensation towards him. I knew him somehow. Zordon.

Okay, so maybe that was eight sentences…:)

Any who, the “her” Aurora was going to yank her arm from was Eve, the psychic she visits, just so you know. Basically, this is the first time Aurora see’s her arch-enemy Zordon and it’s inside a vision from The Fates that Eve was instructed to help her see. This was inevitably to help her understand her past and who she is. Fun stuff.

So that’s all folks. I know, it’s a really short post today, but it is Sunday after all. I didn’t get as much writing as I would’ve liked to last night, so I think I’m going to do that. Who cares about chores?

Now to leave you with a question: What is your favorite color? Describe it rather than just saying it.

Here’s mine: Swimming towards the surface, just as the rays of light pierce through the crystal clear water in a shimmer of hope, my favorite color emerges through the blending of water and light, offering the pleasure of that first breath that is sure to come: teal blue.

Echelon out ♥