Aurora’s Journal

Journal Entry Day 2:

Dear Journal,

When I woke up this morning, my head was full of plotting ideas on how to get away from Fenn so I could have a chance to talk to Mr. Creepy. I need to know what he meant by the prophecy he told and why his eyes glowed white. I just know deep down that he has the answers I need…answers to questions that have plagued me ever since I can remember.

But Fenn and I are both off today, so it makes it near impossible to get away without notice. It shouldn’t be that way either. I can usually slip away to the library or the grocery store without Fenn by my side. But I have never been able to lie to him. He can always tell when I’m hiding something…a quirk that is fast becoming annoying.

But if I’m being completely honest with myself and with you, maybe I  just don’t want to admit that I don’t want to talk to Mr. Creepy alone. Sad to say because I’m a big girl, but I’ve always had Fenn there. He’s always made me feel protected. Maybe Mr. Creepy was right when he said Fenn was my fated protector. It’s strange to even think like that, even though deep down…I know it’s true.

And to prove my point, all my plotting and scheming to get away from Fenn came to a screeching halt when I noticed he had packed my old bookbag. The timing is impeccable. He planned a day out for us! We never go out. We never have enough money to do anything, let alone take a day to really just act our age. He says he wants a day of normalcy between us. No creepy guys, no incidents with fire…just two 18-year-olds relaxing on their day off. I wonder if it’s just a ploy to keep me from pushing him to find Mr. Creepy?

We shall see how it turns out. I have to admit, my stomach is full of frenzied butterflies! Even if he has ulterior motives, I still can’t help the heat behind my skin from thinking about us going out together. I don’t know why, but I feel like something is right around the corner. And not your average incident either. Something colossal is about to happen. I just hope that it waits until after this day. I want Fenn to be happy, and if this is what it takes, a surprise trip, then it has to go according to plan. He deserves nothing less.

He’s honking at me. Gotta go!


Aurora’s Journal

Journal Entry Day Three:


Dear Journal,

Have you ever felt like life sneaks up on you? Like it waits around a dark corner, hoping that you will innocently walk by, and then it strikes, leaving you lost and confused? For instance, I woke up this morning thinking that it was just another dull, boring day. I showered, made evil faces at Fenn because I’m not a morning person, walked to the bus stop and fought with the driver, and I worked…just like any other night. How could I have known that today would be the start of my new life? How could I know as I brushed my teeth, that when I stepped foot out of my front door, a world of possibilities would open up for me?

That’s right, I couldn’t have known. Unless I were a psychic or something (of which I am not). The future is always going to be there, waiting to pull the rug out from under you. Waiting for that perfect moment of when you least expect things. When it rains it pours…yadda yadda.

After the encounter with the creepy guy, Fenn and I had a huge fight. I couldn’t explain earlier because he walked up on me at the bus stop, but he’s passed out now on the couch. He’s a deep sleeper. But anyway, I was so angry with him for hiding the fact that he has powers. Well, let me correct myself, super strength.

Yes, I said that correctly. After we had a huge argument about him lying to me and not wanting me to pursue the creepy guy for more answers, we went home where he decided to explain everything. It seems that he has always known he was different, just like I did. He just opted not to be honest with me about it because he felt that he was protecting me. Does that make any sense? Umm…of course t doesn’t. But a lot of things he does, doesn’t make sense to me. I suppose it’s the whole “opposite sex” thing.

I was really happy that he decided to be honest with me though. Even under the “forced” circumstances. It makes me feel more connected to him. And since you’re my journal…and I’m supposed to be able to tell you everything…then I guess I should tell you what happened right after he told me the truth. To say that I have never “noticed” Fenn before, would be a lie. I have always been attracted to him. But I’ve never really paid attention to my feelings. I guess I’ve never been interested in being in a relationship.

But tonight, something clicked inside my head. Realizing that I’m not alone and that Fenn has always been there beside me…just like me…it opened something up inside of my heart. I heard the strangest lullaby while staring into his charming, endless blue eyes. I’m not sure if he heard it or what it even was, but I felt the sound in the deepest part of me. It was like my entire soul was vibrating with recognition.

I know…it sounds weird. Even as I write this I can’t help but feel cynical to what it could mean. Fenn is my soul mate. No…I can’t think like that. I would ruin anything that I tried with him. If my parents left me so easily, then I must not be good enough. He is my best friend…the only friend I have. I have to keep that in mind.

I’m getting sleepy now. I wonder what tomorrow will bring.


Aurora’s Journal

Journal Entry Day Two:

Dear Journal,

Real quick…I know I’m not crazy. That guy showed up at the diner tonight. The creepy one. He sat himself in my section. Total BS if you ask me. At first I was freaked out, but only because of what happened on the bus. It’s scary when you realize someone knows more about you than you know about yourself, you know?

I thought he would go away after I gave my table up, but he stayed there up until it was time to lock up for the night. Fenn was so pissed. I don’t blame him either. The guy was just so creepy. He stared at me the entire time. Who does that? For a minute I thought Fenn was going to beat the guy up because when I went to shove him out the door, he latched on to my arm and his eyes turned completely white.

Even though my conscious mind was screaming this was scary, something deep inside of me wasn’t scared at all. I recognized his power. It was exhilarating. Fenn tried to push him out the door before I could even get an answer, but I stopped him. I needed to know what he knew. That’s when the guy dropped the bomb that not only am I from some other place, but so is Fenn.

Can you believe it?! Fenn has kept this a secret from me! I know this because when I looked at him, he made that silly face he always makes when he lies. His face screws up and his eyes get all big. To say that I am upset is an understatement. I mean, how could he keep this from me? Does he not trust me?

I have to go…Fenn just walked up. I wanted to get it all down before the bus gets here, but he was quicker than I thought.


Aurora’s Journal Day One


Hello once again, Readers!! I started two new pages: Aurora’s Journal and Fenn’s Journal. It’s just an experiment for now, but basically I want a spot for them to write out their thoughts for the readers of the trilogy to see. For now it will go chapter by chapter starting from the beginning. My goal is for them to write one entry a week. It’s not going to have anything to do with my normal posts though which I should be getting back into the swing of now that NaNo is over.

Any who…I hope you enjoy! And if not, just hang in there, other posts are to come!



Dear Journal,

My name is Aurora Megalos. I can’t believe I’m doing this right now. I guess I’m supposed to tell you everything. At least that’s what Fenn says I’m supposed to do. He bought you for me yesterday. He has one of his own and told me he thinks it would do me some good to write out my feelings. Maybe he’s right. Lately everything has been so crazy. I keep having these strange dreams about a man with glowing blue eyes. I don’t know what it means. Maybe I’ve watched too many sci-fi movies.

But I can’t seem to let go of the thought that maybe there’s more to it. This morning, when we were on our way to work, there was this guy at the bus stop that I haven’t seen in town before. After getting in my usual tiff with the bus driver, the guy dropped an amulet. I couldn’t stop myself. I went for it. When I touched the amulet, the dreams that I have so often, surfaced. I saw the glowing blue eyes and the clearing. That has to mean something right?

But what’s even stranger is the fact that my eyes changed color. They turned blood-red. I mean, how does that happen? I felt this surge of power when I touched the amulet. It was like something was waking inside of me. Something that I have always passed off as being crazy. I can’t keep lying to myself though. How else do I explain my anger issues that result in fires erupting around me? It’s like a horrible version of Carrie.

Needless to say, Fenn freaked out. I don’t blame him either. I can’t name how many times he’s had to come to my rescue. I won’t admit it to him, but he’s been the only one in my life who has kept me grounded. I trust him. Sometimes I wonder if it can be more than that, but we’ve been friends for so long, it’s hard to imagine potentially ruining that. I don’t trust myself enough to risk it.

Anyway, the guy took the amulet before I had a chance to figure out what was going on. He noticed my eyes and said the bus was no place for my change. What was he talking about? It scares me to think that everything I had believed was pure crazy about myself, might actually be true. What if I am something more than just a girl with issues? I don’t know. I don’t think I’m going to have a chance to find out. The guy got off the bus before I could make any sense of the situation. But what’s even crazier is that he did something weird to the passengers. I think he made them forget what had happened…using what I assume is some sort of magic that came out of his hands. Fenn saw it too, but he didn’t say anything about it. Figures.

I know…it all sounds ridiculous. If anybody ever found this, they’d probably think I’m a nut. Believe me, I’ve replayed this over and over again in my mind, praying that this was all just a bad dream. But if I am to be completely honest with you (which is what Fenn said I should do), then I have to admit that I don’t think one single part of it is ridiculous. I felt what was inside of me. Pure power. The kind that can change the world. I just wouldn’t be caught dead admitting that out loud. Especially not to Fenn. He wants me to be normal. Heck, I want to be normal.

Oh well…I guess I’ll never know. But at least I got it out onto paper. I actually feel good about this. Fenn has a knack for knowing just what I need.

I have to go back to work now. My breaks up.