Finding inspiration when your Muse takes a vacation…

Hello once again fellow readers!!!!

 So for those of you that don’t know, I’m a sucker for inspiring quotes. Especially quotes that pertain to bettering yourself. I have a hoard of them taped in various places on my desk…things that make me smile when the flames are roaring high in Purgatory. 

And I don’t know why, but somehow total strangers seem to have the ability to sum up exactly what I’m feeling or longing for in two sentences or less. This ability to sit back and observe outside the box is one I try to live by day after day.

I digress –so I wanted to share a quote with you this week that totally hit home with the fork in the road I took a few years back. The fork to my inner artist. Drum roll please…….

“It is never too late to be what you might have been.” – George Eliot (real name Mary Anne Evans).

I know right.

It’s inspiring for so many reasons. One being the fact that he is really a she. And in the 1800’s she chose to pursue her dream of becoming an author despite the stereotype women harbored. And two being the simple fact that there are so many people out there that don’t realize that it’s never too late!!

In my case, I didn’t go to college. I just wasn’t ready for it. Freedom flew beneath my wings and I found it hard to be bogged down by more schooling. Instead I chose to build a family. I’m one of those that when I want something, I simply go for it. But as I said in my previous blog, I was still missing something.  After battling with the initial lack of self-esteem most people hide deep down I thought, why can’t I do it?

I couldn’t think of any reasons. At least any that weren’t really just excuses. Nothing in life happens without taking risks or chances and putting in hard work. So I went for it and I wrote. And that was the day I chose to go left instead of right. So what does this have to do with inspiration?

We’ve all felt it one time or another whether you’ve noticed it or not. It’s in the crisp, starry night air twinkling above you as you walk hand in hand with a lover, or the golden-orange colors that seem to ignite the horizon at dawn as the sun begins to rise. It’s in the serenity that comes with the toss of your favorite fishing pole into the crystal blue waters that hold the promise of your next catch. Or even the excitement of bringing life into this ever-changing world.

The fact is, inspiration is all around us. And inspiration can do so much for you. It can change your outlook on life-make you appreciate the everyday. It can help mold you into a better person. It can push you to pursue what you thought was no longer possible. It’s what drives us forward.

So I ask you…take a moment to stand still and just listen. Whether you’re in a bustling kitchen or on the couch at home. Close your eyes and breathe. Think about what it is you love. What your heart wants. Step outside and look up. Find the brightest star in the sky and make a wish. Then make that wish happen. You can do what you set out to do. As I tell my bestie, “Pain is beauty.” Not in a superficial sense, but in real life. You always seem to find yourself inside the deepest pit of pain. And with finding yourself comes surety in who you are and what you are capable of.

With that being said…What inspires you?

Echelon out ♥

Im-pa-tience: 1) lack of patience 2) restlessness 3) Candace Knoebel

 Hello once again readers!!!

*Yawning profusely*

So I’ve tossed around a few different ideas for this blog and ended up with so many that I find  it hard to choose! I have to remind myself that I have plenty of time to write.

With that being said, I decided to go with my patience -or lack thereof. Hence the yawn.

There are a few different theories as to why we yawn ranging from sleepiness, all the way to it being embedded in your genetic roots.  *raised brow* But I’ve found one to suffice my need to yawn. The truth to why we yawn.


When I dig deep into the cause of my boredom, I find that it’s really only impatience that I’m feeling. So I’m not bored with life! I’m just obsessively impatient! And you’re probably wondering, “Well what does yawning have to do with impatience?”


My mind can be so fast-paced, swirling with ideas that irk to be written down, or chores that need to be finished, that I forget that not everything can happen with the snap of your fingers, or the click of a key on a keyboard for that matter. Sometimes you have to slooooow dowwwwn.

Take the submittal process….months and months of waiting. And then more months and months…and months…and months. Everyday hoping and praying that today will be the day. Everyday wondering, “Is someone reading my query?” Or, “I wonder if they liked my manuscript?”

That probably should’ve been when I first learned the structure of patience. When I should’ve honed the art of being patient and added it into my deck of cards. But of course, as usual, the universe sends me a lesson and I completely overlook it. *Shrugs*

Now fast-forward to the present day and add in Feb. 3rd. The day the editor will inevitably lay a smack down on me. The day red markings will distort my vision. On the inside I’m bursting with curiosity as to what the feedback will be. And so the yawning has become un-ending…trying to appease for my impatience with this impending date.

I must stop the cycle! Overcoming my impatience is now my New Years resolution -one that I intend to follow through with for the sake of my sanity!

And with that being said I ask, have you ever felt overly impatient?

If so there is hope! If I can over come it, being the very meaning of impatience, so can you!

I digress lol, Echelon out ♥